Listening #122 List of the Month

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When good people make bad music

There are precious few who could not, given the tools and the time, create a repulsive record; as with so many things, the achievement becomes remarkable only in the hands of those for whom it is a challenge. With that in mind, here are five slipshod singles and five awful albums by artists who really have, at one time or another, known better. Special recognition goes to "Do the Clam," if only because it took fully three people just to write the thing.

1) Simon and Garfunkel: "We've Got a Groovy Thing Going" 2) The Beatles: "Only a Northern Song"
3) Elvis Presley: "Do the Clam"
4) Frank Sinatra: "Bim Bam Baby"
5) Joni Mitchell: "Coyote"
1) The Band: Islands
2) The Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request
3) Bob Dylan: Infidels
4) The Clash: Cut the Crap
5) Elvis Costello: The Juliet Letters

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Worth the price of admission for Jokerman.

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Anyone owning a piano knows that wood is never an inert material and responds to climatic conditions. How is this wood based tonearm supposed to fend off this reality especially when one is adjusting for fractions of a millimeter?enlightened