Linn Klimax LP12 Record-Playing System Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird turntable with Thomas Schick 10.5" tonearm, My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Ex moving coil cartridge, and Sutherland Engineering Little Loco phono stage.
Integrated amplifier: Linear Tube Audio Z10e.
Preamplifier: HoloAudio Serene.
Power amplifiers: Parasound Halo A 21+, Pass Labs XA25.
Loudspeakers: Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a (Gold Badge).
Headphones: Audeze CRBN, HiFiMan Susvara.
Cables: Interconnect: Auditorium 23, AudioQuest Mackenzie and Thunderbird, Black Cat Coppertone, Cardas Iridium and Clear Cygnus. Speaker: Auditorium 23, Triode Wire Labs American Series. AC: AudioQuest Tornado, manufacturer's own.
Accessories: AudioQuest Niagara 1000 power conditioner; Harmonic Resolution Systems M3X-1719-AMG GR LF isolation platform (under A 21+ amplifier); Kuzma Platis 65 isolation platform (under Feickert Blackbird turntable), Audiophile Systems Platform (under LP12), Sound Anchor Reference speaker stands (under LS3/5a's).—Herb Reichert

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Scotland, UK
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Own three LP12's and love them all. Gosh! I need that Argerich record.

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For a Linn LP12 Klimax with the Tramp 2 base, I'm not sure why anyone would use the old 'Audiophile system's platform? You now have two systems designed to minimize vibration, probably working against each other!
The other question is how familiar Trei is with setting up the current LP12? Set up is quite crucial with the LP12, more so than ever in many respects!

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... certainly no one in the NYC area, is more skilled and experienced with LP12 setup than Michael Trei. Indeed, Trei was Linn's choice for setting up this new LP12.

Jim Austin, Editor

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The Audiophile Systems Platform is not an "isolation platform" in the traditional sense. Audiophile Systems (who were the US Linn importer at the time when it was made) designed it to be the embodiment of the "lightweight rigid platform" that Linn has always promoted as the best support for an LP12. It is simply a rectangular hardwood board, with an adjustable spike foot in each corner, making it essentially a tabletop equivalent of something like a Sound Organisation, Archidee, or AudioTech stand. It has no damping, absorbent anything, squishy feet, springs, or anything else in it to provide isolation. It just rigidly couples the deck to the underlying cabinet, on a surface with a minimum amount of mass that can store energy.
While its performance is certainly less effective on a Trampolin equipped LP12, it will in no way interfere with the Trampolin's own functioning or effectiveness.

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The Tramp 2 and the old 'audiophile systems' platform, which probably counter acted each other! The Tramp 2 is designed to work alone with no further assistance from isolation, which i discovered myself by making this very same mistake. Luckily, it is easy to rectify.

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Literally jumped? Was there something wrong with the suspension?

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and once again, honest observations were tantamount to all else.

Thank you Herb.