Light Harmonic Sire DAC

Announced today at 5pm was Light Harmonic's new DAC with an eye-popping price of $120,000. Add $10,000 to include the server option.

Why is the company's Steve Holt standing there with his arms open? They don't have the product yet, so we'll have to guess if it'll look as out-there as the company's Da Vinci DAC. Holt did say they'll have a prototype at the Munich Show in May.

The company's promo sheet states: "Even Da Vinci must kneel before his sire." Other details include: 2 femto clocks, 7 sets of digital inputs, "Ultra-high speed" DAC that will handle both 32/768 PCM and DSD 256, "Digital+Analog" hybrid volume control and 5 year unlimited upgrading at no additional cost to future-proof your purchase.

They'll also throw in a Lightspeed USB cable and plan to make only 24 per year.

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$120k for a DAC and $10k for a server seems a little high, but bundling in that USB cable makes it very tempting indeed. 

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Is it just me who fails to see the point in announcing a new product that doesn't even exist in prototype form yet at CES where there are about 2000 new product releases per day?

Well, it was the headline item in Stereophile's 2014 CES coverage so maybe that was the point!?

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Not even the most innocent or contrary can say the emperor has no clothes. He clearly has a shirt that is not tucked in. I will not conjecture regarding pants, thank you.

The emperor has no DAC....

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Do They Really Expect to Find 24 Saps Every Year to Buy This?