Le Son LS001 DAC/Streamer

First time I've seen this manufacturer at CES, but WOW what a gorgeous product! I've included a couple more shots from their website so you can see how this Swiss jewel is put together. The aluminum chassis is surrounded on all four sides by glass, for example, and can sit vertical or horizontal.

Okay, it ain't cheap at $40k, but before you start howling about this in the comments, consider that sometimes it's worth it just to see what the human mind can create in the service of music. And like great art, you don't have to be able to afford it (I sure can't) to appreciate its beauty.

Inside is support for both PCM and DSD as well as a 16x oversampling minimum phase filter and ultra-accurate clock for low jitter. The output stage is fully discrete class A with no global feedback and also feeds a high-performance headphone jack. On the back are connections for anything you could dream of hooking up including NAS drives and wireless bluetooth. Control is via custom app for Android pads.