Just In from CAF (Part I): Audio Note UK DAC and Cabling, Acapella Audio Arts Music Server, Integrated Amplifier, Loudspeakers, and Cabling, HRS Equipment Rack

Veteran Palo Alto, California distributor Audio Federation presented a system that included large horn-loaded speakers and Audio Note UK gear, two of my favorite things.

Staged by Cornelia and Michael Davis, the beautiful-looking Audio Federation assemblage consisted of the Acapella Audio One music server ($6875), Audio Note UK DAC Five Signature ($98,355), Acapella LaMusika integrated amplifier ($110,000), new 93" tall, 450lb Acapella Audio Arts Campanile 2 loudspeakers ($66,500/pair) with an updated spherical horn midrange (95dB at 8 ohms), and Acapella and Audio Note UK cabling.

Streaming a 44/16 file of the Mercury Living Presence recording of Brahms' Piano Concerto No.1 in B flat major performed by Gina Bachauer, the sound was very large scale, clear, dynamic, and clean.

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... self-effacing, those speakers must have a WAF of either 0 or 100.

If KM enjoyed the recording of that Brahms' Piano Concerto with Bachauer on Mercury, he ought to try her recording of Chopin Piano Concertos, also on Mercury.

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How about 'Absolute Zero' which is -273.15C :-) .........

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I will look for that. I have one of her RCA records.

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0, assuredly

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I like 'em, and all, but they are 'chameleon-like' in a strange way...on the right recordings, they sound amazing, but can develop profound anemia on other material.

I haven't spent enough time, in total, to identify what I suspect are some notable dips/peaks in their frequency response, but I have heard them play anywhere from "OMG, that's awesome" all the way to "OMG, what's the problem" while listening in the same room from recording to recording.

Regarding their looks, they are so wonderfully architectural that they kind of blend in, actually.

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OMG ...... 93" tall, 450 lb weight and $66,500/pair :-) ........