Basis 2200 Signature turntable, Calibrator Base, Reflex LP Clamp, and Vector 4 Tonearm; Lyra Delos Moving coil cartridge; LKV Research Veros One Phono Stage and Line One pre-amplifier

I have always admired Bill Hutchins, the chief designer at LKV Research, because to me he embodies the true amp-builder’s spirit. He builds his LKV products himself, by hand. That includes his amp and preamp chassis, which are made in his own shop, without the help of a CNC machine. LKV chassis look a little homemade, but, to me, that is what makes them beautiful. They have artistic soul. Every amp comes with buckets of invisible (but valuable) Bill-sweat. I appreciate that much more than the fifty-pounds of faceplate-advertising that comes with anonymously constructed luxury brands.

Best of all, Hutchins’ products make very lucid sound at very reasonable prices. His class-D Veros PWR+ power amp ($10,000) made the Sonner Audio Legato Unums loudspeakers ($5500/pair with red rosewood stands) sound almost Dionysian. Bill’s demo system struck a remarkable balance between analytical and romantic.

The system as auditioned consisted of: a Basis 2200 Signature turntable, a Basis Calibrator Base and Reflex LP clamp, Vector 4 tonearm, and Lyra Delos Moving coil cartridge; connected to an LKV Research Veros One phono stage ($6500), and a $3500 Line One pre-amplifier. Power, interconnect, and loudspeaker cables are also by Basis.