Joseph Audio

Let's just come out and say it: loudspeaker designer Jeff Joseph, of Joseph Audio, always makes a good sound, and his system's performance at this venue was no exception: organic, open, natural, un-spectacular, un-bombastic, and just plain lovely. The speakers in question were the Joseph Audio Pulsars ($7000/pair), driven by a Unison Unico 50 amplifier ($1450), fed by a Lynx Hilo D/A converter (street price: $2500) and a laptop equipped with Channel D's Pure Music software ($129). Cables were by Cardas.

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It was far from the most expensive rig at the show, but to my ears it was the most enjoyable.

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You know he takes the time to set things up properly, years ago at the Mtl show he had his speakers set up totally different from other rooms and it sounded really marvelous. I don't personally know him but he always greets you with a smile and never objects to playing your CD.  I would love to own a pair of his speakers. 

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Jeff Gets It.

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While most rooms were eye & ear candy from another world, this room allowed me to appreciate "underdog" talent.  A setup with real working man street cred.  I had to get in the room when Jeff dropped in some mild trance on the group. The guests in the room all seemed genuinely smacked silly with the presentation.  Honest & unpretentious .  This was worth the trip for me..

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Incredible sound from small boxes. IMO-- best bang for the buck