New Designs from Atocha

My friend Jenn Atocha was happy to present her latest LP cabinets. Like all Atocha Design products, these cabinets are handcrafted in the USA, made from sustainably harvested wood, and are formaldehyde- and lead-free. Unlike my inexpensive IKEA bookcases and other record-collection foster homes, which may or may not collapse at any moment, Atocha cabinets are made specifically for storing and showcasing a record collection. They are built to last and worthy of the term "heirloom-quality," meant to provide an entire lifetime of pleasure and use, before being passed on to future generations.

In the picture above, taken by the intrepid Ariel Bitran, Jenn is standing beside her Open-Close Cabinet, a design that eagerly lends itself to the listening party: Besides ample room for LPs in the four pull-out drawers, additional LPs (heavy-rotation selections, perhaps, or recent purchases) can be lined up and exposed for easy access; meanwhile, a pull-out shelf provides support for a laptop, iPad, or curious cat. The Open-Close Cabinet also saves room for your gear: Seen here, a vintage McIntosh amp rests within a central, ventilated compartment, while a new VPI Traveler turntable sits atop.

Not quite visible in the photo is Atocha’s new Record Stand, which Jenn describes as “the cool younger brother to the [original] Record Cabinet,” first seen at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The Record Stand, which resembles the classic racks found in the best vintage vinyl shops, is meant to be Atocha’s gateway drug, with a price of around $1000. (You can get a better look at the Record Stand over at AudioStream.)

Most Atocha cabinets can be made to order, with your preferred wood, hardware, and configuration. For more info, visit Atocha Design.