Hoofin' with Sjöfn

I've written before about the Washington state-based company Sjöfn HiFi and their remarkable little loudspeaker called the Clue ($999/pair): an inexplicably huge-sounding thing that does a far better job than average of putting across force, feel, and fun. The Sjöfn room at NYAS, sponsored by Outreach A/V of Westfield, New Jersey, went even further, with a double pair of Clues driven by a humble NAD integrated amplifier with a built-in D/A converter, itself fed by an Oppo Blu-Ray player and Squeezebox (offstage). A piece called Concerto for Jazz Drummer and Full Orchestra, written by composer/conductor Harold Farberman and performed with the great drummer Louie Bellson, sounded colorful and wild, just as it should have. That alone motivated me to request, finally, a pair of the Clue for review.

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Dear Art, when does your review of Sjöfn's 'the Clue' land here?

Since I read this post, I keep visiting Stereophile online on daily basis and hope "today, I finally see 'the Clue's review". It would also be highly interesting to know how 'the Clues' perform against much newer speakers (almost in the same price range) such as oldenEar Triton Seven and Magnepan Super MMG.

I am currently a very happy owner of a pair of "the Clues" (purchased them second-hand). I now plan to upgrade my 7.1 channels Marantz amp to a 2 channel Odyssey Khartago amp to give "the Clues" a qualified and deserving companion. 

Thank you in advance.