It's Time 4 Recommended Components

Our October 2018 issue features the latest "Recommended Components" listing, updated and revised. Want to know what we thought about more than 500 audio products? You will find the answers to that question inside this 196-page issue.

Featured on this issue's cover is Audio Research's awesome Reference 160M monoblock power amplifier, reviewed inside by Jason Victor Serinus. John Atkinson reviews the Australian Centaur II 500 amplifier; Herb Reichert, Legacy's Studio HD monitor; Michael Fremer, Sonus Faber's flagship Aida speaker; Kal Rubinson, Paradigm's hi-tech Persona 5F speaker; and Ken Micallef, NAD's very affordable C 328 integrated amplifier.

Ken also profiles four rising tenor saxophone stars. And bookending this issue: Art Dudley muses on the commoditization of music; and Jim Austin believes there is something very wrong with classical music reviewing.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

October surprises? :-) ...........

mtrot's picture

Just the speaker review I'm looking for!

Ali's picture

Ah! That M160...Will you marry me...

Bkhuna's picture

Back in the early 80's, I put together a killer system for about 10 grand. Now, whenever I see annual recommended components issue, I start thinking if I really need two kidneys.

Jason P Jackson's picture

Oh, goodie.

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However, a yearly digital subscription only cost me $13 Australian. That's right! A yearly subscription digital subscription could be yours for only $13 Australian. Just head to the top of the page and fill out your details in 2 or 3 simple steps or whatever it was, and have the wonderful Stereophile Magazine emailed to you to read from the comfort of your own home or smartphone wherever you go.

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I hope that the recommended components are super expensive.