InnerFidelity Headphone Amplifier Measurements

Tyl Hertsens created a large database of over a thousand headphone and amplifier measurements while writing for, where these files originally appeared.

All current headphone amplifier measurements can be downloaded in a single PDF book here.

Updated to fix links and add sheets: February, 2016

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Single-Ended Solid-State Amplifiers
Antelope Zodiac Platinum
Bakoon HPA21 Current Output
Bakoon HPA21 Voltage Output
Burson Audio Virtuoso Conductor
Eddie Current Black Widow 2015
Eddie Erzetich Perfidus
HeadAmp GS-X mk2
HeadRoom Max Balanced 2006
JDS Labs O2 AC Powered
Simaudio MOON Neo 230HAD
Simaudio MOON Neo 430HA
Violectric V281