Impact Airfoil 5.2 loudspeaker system Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Description: Five-piece, three-way, loudspeaker system with powered subwoofers. Drive-units and configurations, per channel: Main unit: 9 Airfoil Bending Wave Drivers stacked vertically in line-source array, two 6.5" polymer-cone Coupling Woofers in sealed enclosure at base of line-source tower. Subwoofer: two 12" doped paper-cone woofers in Balanced Force Compression Design (back to back) in freestanding cabinet. Passive crossover, coupling woofers to towers: 170Hz passive first-order, two-way series network. Active crossover, subwoofers to main units: 80Hz low-pass, 24dB/octave; 80Hz high-pass, 24dB/octave. Frequency responses: Main unit, 80Hz-20kHz, ±1.5dB; subwoofer, 17Hz-80kHz, +1dB/-3dB. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal (main unit). Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V/m (main unit). Subwoofer amplifiers (per channel): 1000W class-B with switching power supply. Electronic crossover: battery-powered, AC charger unit supplied. Inputs: 2 balanced (XLR), 2 unbalanced (RCA). Outputs: high-pass, 1 balanced (XLR), 1 unbalanced (RCA); 1 subwoofer, balanced (XLR), dedicated cables supplied.
Dimensions: Main units: 73.5" H (1880mm) by 18" (460mm) W by 23" (600mm) D. Weight: 110 lbs (50kg) each. Subwoofers: 33.5" (860mm) H by 19" (490mm) W by 18" (460mm) D. Weight: 55 lbs (25kg) each. Electronic crossover: 2.5" (640mm) H by 17" (440mm) W by 15" (380mm) D. Weight: 15 lbs (6.8kg).
Finishes: Oak, curly maple, cherry and rosewood, mahogany; black subwoofer grilles.
Serial number of system reviewed: 601-107.
Price: $35,000/system. Approximate number of dealers: 7. Warranty: 1 year, transferable (with manufacturer's consent).
Manufacturer: Impact Technologies, P.O. Box 616, Ambler, PA 19002. Tel: (215) 653-7440. Fax: (215) 653-7441. Web: