HRT AirStreamer Wireless RF DAC

Seen last year in prototype form, the production version is here and as shown above, consists of two units: the RF transmitter is the smaller grey thing (on the left) that connects to your computer or tablet/phone, with the other unit, the receiver, connecting to your audio system. HRT claims that RF has sonic benefits over Bluetooth for sending a signal through the air.

The RF signal can cover a distance of up to 20 meters (bigger antennas can get you more range) and send up to 24/48 PCM which is decoded with HRT's analogue reconstruction filter and a high-quality output amplifier and then sent to a pair of RCA jacks. The system costs $249.

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Cables aren't that bad. You can have the computer hooked to the stereo with a regular headphone extension cable that is then split into rca jacks, and this won't require a hybrid coupler. You can buy little clips at RadioShack that you can hammer into the baseboards. You could set it up 'temporarily' just to test it out for $20 worth of cables. You can go real cheap on the modded route, you don't need anything special, but you can't expect audiophile quality.