How often do you clean your system's connections?

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How often do you clean your system's connections?
More often than once a month
1% (2 votes)
About once a month
2% (6 votes)
Every couple of months
8% (22 votes)
About every six months
13% (38 votes)
About once a year
14% (39 votes)
Every couple of years
8% (23 votes)
Very rarely
26% (76 votes)
28% (82 votes)
Total votes: 288

Dilbert's picture

Every few monthes or so. More often if Ratbert has been fooling with my system.

George-N.Z.'s picture

Yes ! Every six months. It is a must.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Congratulations! I believe that you've added yet another obsessive/compulsive disorder to audiophiles' already long list. In addition to cleaning my connectors, I take precisely ten paces across the Persian rug in my listening room, wearing only my "James and Williams" shoes before each listening session. Such pacing does wonders for the behavioral characteristics of my already wonderful Svetlana vacuum tubes. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.View, CA's picture


Andrew's picture

I'm in college now, so my system has moved from home to apartment to new house ... and dont forget about lugging it all home for Christmas and summer break! I clean it everytime I move it.

Blue Mikey's picture

Go ahead, whip me. Beat me with a power cord. I deserve it!

Daniel Emerson's picture

Hardly ever. I know, I know - mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa - but let's face it, what a pain in the proverbial it is to do, especially when the back of your system is as inaccessible as mine.

Stephen Curling's picture

Each time I move or get a new cabinet to hold the gear.

Ashim Zaman's picture

i do not know if one needs to clean balanced connectors as long as the interconnect stay connected to the sockets.

Timothy O.  Driskel's picture

If I'm not changing out a piece of gear or interconnects, they don't get changed or cleaned. Once I have put Tweak conductive gel on I leave my wires in place.

John Valvano's picture

Curses!! Why wasn't I informed about this!

scott decker's picture

With gold-plated high-end cables and components, and an inside environment, gross corrosion never occurs. I thought that was the only barrier to electrons, but I've been fooled by other tweaks before, so I may as well try it ....

Tom Warren's picture

I've read of the benefits in your pages. Still I've never done it. I will try it it, sometime.

Mike Healey's picture

I thought if the amp could produce more than 150 Watts, the grunge would automatically be zapped off the connectors? ;) I guess I like my connections dirty, filthy, sloppy, rotten to the copper core!

Davet's picture

I will use the Craig products when I initially attach a cable or interconnect. Thereafter I seldom if evver will use the products on the component unless I swap out interconnects or cables.

Travis Klersy's picture

I know I should clean them, but you know...

Al Marcy's picture

down in france

Nodaker's picture

One of the cheapest and best tweaks there is, however, a pain in the back to do. Well worth it though. It just sounds cleaner for the next couple months.

BobM's picture

Used to be less frequently, but I've been fiddling-about again recently and have taken the opportunity to clean whenever and whatever I touch.

Christopher's picture

I try to clean with Caig DeOxit and ProGold whenever I unplug my equipment to reposition em around the room.

Tony P., NY's picture

A good connection that is not exposed to a corrosive enviorment should not need to be cleaned.

Norm Strong's picture

I clean them when they need cleaning. Otherwise I leave them alone--as should you!

Al Earz's picture

I use the AudioQuest cleaning tips for the RCA connections and their cleaning fluid as well. I do it once a year unless I am re-aranging the cables.

Mark Gdovin's picture

If you cleaned 'em right the first time and ensured a tight connection, then you don't need to clean again until you unplug 'em.

Frosty's picture

When I move a component for whatever reason, or if I hear a problem that I can't resolve otherwise.

macksman's picture

The complete job is only done at occasions of major component turnover or recabling, since it is such a pain and it seems so obsessive. The improvements, however, are not subtle.

Roy E.'s picture

I'd do it if I knew how. I have a bottle of stuff and a little applicator brush but I'm not sure how much to use, how long to let dry, if terminal posts are cleaned the same way as cable ends, etc.

bturk667's picture

I'm dirty by nature. Just ask my wife.

Anonymous's picture

Absolutely never clean a damn thing, but then again I never listen to the damn thing anyways.

Kees Kerkhoven (NL)'s picture

Does turning the connects to polish the contactsurfaces count? That's all I do with goldplated connectors.