How much money do you spend on music each year?

An owner of an audiophile record label recently asked us how much we figured audiophiles spent on music purchases each year. We reckoned it would be smart to simply ask you directly. How much money do you spend on recorded music each year?

How much money do you spend on music each year?
$0 to $100
10% (17 votes)
$100 to $500
31% (54 votes)
$500 to $1000
29% (50 votes)
$1000 to $2500
23% (40 votes)
$2500 to $5000
6% (11 votes)
$5000 to $10,000
1% (2 votes)
$10,000 to $20,000
0% (0 votes)
Over $20,000
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 174

Al Earz's picture

It is just a guess. I never keep track, probably don't want to. I wish it could be more but the selections just aren't there anymore.

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

I chose the $2500—$5000 designation for my vote with the caveat that my wife constantly reminds me that we "can't eat vinyl."'s picture

Currently, I am spending very little because I have bought so much in the past. I have a lot to listen to. Buy only SACDs now.

dougy in missouri's picture

Without actually figuring up (that would be too much like work), I would say around $500 per year—97% on aluminum discs and 3% on downloads (legal only!).

Dave Bennett's picture

$500 to $1000 I think, or it might be $1000 to $2500, but don't tell my wife! It's hard to believe I spend that much when there is so little worth buying, but I've just spent about $200 in the last month on vinyl alone. So, possibly it's actually $2500 to $5000. I don't want to think about it.

Charlie be Wise's picture

Mostly LPs.

TUNA's picture

Probably a grand or more, but with the decreasing sources for buying those hard copies, it probably will drop. The store sites locally are pathetic in what they offer, and I lost my favorite online site. And, I won't download albums, I WANT A HARD COPY, DAMN-IT!

Vsx1's picture

I spend a few hundred bucks a year on music. I'd buy more, but imports are so much more money than local (?) CDs. I'm still using my iTunes gift cards from Xmas.

Brankin's picture

If I had more free time, I'd buy even more. But as it is now, I have to scrimp and scrape for listening time.

Peter J.'s picture

I'm in the fortunate position that I live in a place where $500 US will buy me over 100 (new and copyrighted) CDs. But even if I had to pay $10 per disc, I probably wouldn't spend more. In fact, I think I'd spend less. It's the low price that lets me experiment and discover new music.

JOHN JOHN's picture

I buy what I can't burn, especially classical, old fashioned r'n'r and so on, CD singles, limited editions...

Joe Hartmann's picture

The next question should be how much do you spend on live performances? I budget $100 per month for recorded music but I exceed that budget. As long as it stays around $2000 per year I feel that I am under control. That must be tempered by my collection of music of over 50 years and my son's influx of contemporary music each month.

Neil D.'s picture

CDs: $200. LPs: $400. Blank media: $175. Downloads: $0.

Doug Taylor's picture

I buy about a dozen CDs every month, but most of them are $12 or less. As a classical music fan, I can find great older and even new discs (on Naxos, for example) in that price range. Even so, if I had to add up all my purchases ($2000?), the total would be less than what many Stereophile readers spend upgrading one component. I'd rather have the music.

Jonathan's picture

I buy 200-300 LPs per year, so I must spend about $1000.

Nodaker's picture

Probably too much, but I figure somewhere between $1500 and two grand. Ouch. Can you say intervention?

Dave in Milwaukee's picture

It would be much higher if I could find more discs I liked.'s picture

It gets harder and harder to find music worth owning. To many American Idol wannabes and no nothing producers.

Joe's picture

Can't find anything I really want to buy. Actually I don't have the time to listen like I used to. Plus I'm probably not in the right demographic. Most of the artists I like have stopped producing new music and seem to prefer touring instead. They probably can make more money anyways.

kerem icelli's picture

Not as much as I wish I could.

jose gomez's picture

I have not finished my music collection yet.

Frankie's picture

I would spend 10 times that if I had the money, but I need to ask record companies to realize that prices need to be more affordable, or else this business will be history in 20 years. I don't steal music, but teens do, and that is no good. But teens spend their dollars on cell phones now, not on music.

craig's picture

My answer won't get your advertising staff much business. Over $20,000? Now there are some misplaced priorities.

suits_me's picture

But my answer could be a lie. (I don't pirate CDs, though, for whatever reason.)

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I have no idea. Never really thought about it.

Dimitris Gogas's picture

Now that I think of it, I spend more money on music than on my (not exactly high-end) system. Not on purpose, but that's the right thing to do!

Oliver's picture

around 50 new CDs every year

Daniel Emerson's picture

Maybe a supplementary question could be "How much more than you can sensibly afford do you spend on music per year?"

J Chisholm's picture

Apart from Internet shopping, for real value I go bargain-hunting to two second-hand shops who buy-in collections of CDs. This effectively doubles the bang for each buck.

Walter E.  Hart's picture

I think record reviews are just fine in your stereophile mag.