How many female audiophiles do you know personally or have met?

How many female audiophiles do you know personally or have met?
100 or more
0% (0 votes)
50 to 99
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30 to 50
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20 to 29
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10 to 19
1% (2 votes)
5 to 9
2% (4 votes)
2 to 5
6% (15 votes)
1 only!
16% (43 votes)
75% (199 votes)
I am one!!
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 266

Reader Sharon Churchill is curious about whether or not <I>Stereophile</I>'s readers have much contact with female audiophiles.

Paul L.'s picture

It's hard enough to find any audiophiles, regardless of sex, among the people I meet.

Craig Peterson's picture

None! I hope that some day I will meet my dream girl in the High-End room.

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

I've met only two, but they also happen to be two people with the best "golden ears" I've known.

Rick Torres's picture

All the women I know couldn't give a hoot about hi-end audio.

Barry Willis's picture

If by "audiophiles" you mean women as interested in the gear as in the music, I have to say I've met 10 female audiophiles—and seven of them worked in the industry. That's in 22 years of involvement, during which time I have met hundreds of their male counterparts. What's wrong with this picture, folks?

T's picture

A girlfriend I once had. It was I who made her into an audiophile.

John Crossett's picture

So far, I've never met a single female who has shown anything more than a passing interest in things audio. My wife, the woman I'm most in contact with, barely tolerates my audio obsession. I know that they are out there, but you can't prove it by me.

Josh Heiner's picture

This question is really a function of how we define the term "audiophile." While I know many women who are deeply impressed with and positively affected by the high-quality reproduction of music, I regret to say that I have yet to meet one who has actually purchased any gear to this end.

Barry Krakovsky's picture

I do not personally know any female audiophiles but would like to -if you know what I mean, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more (with thanks to Eric Idle)

Anonymous's picture

Who is this Female Audiophile?

Bill's picture

My wife is an audiophile expert (as are most of her family, including the grandmother!). I have learned everything from her . . .

Priya Werahera's picture

Sorry, but I have not found a single female audiophile so far. If I can find one, I'll marry her.

Jim's picture

Many females have been amazed by the sound of my high end system but I've only been able to convince one to improve her system.

Brad, Atlanta's picture

I actually saw one at a dealer here in Atlanta. If she had been closer to my age, I would have asked her to marry me (she had a better system).

Nicholas Wybolt's picture

The two female audiophiles I know are different from most of their male counterparts. Specifically, they are concerned with the musicality of their systems, rather than with special effects (e.g., soundstaging, bass slam, and the like). They view their equipment as means to an end. Interestingly, they both prefer vinyl to CD.

Tony Esporma's picture

My wife likes music. She became an audiophile the day I split our video and audio systems. She has no qualms about using a turntable-based system in the LR, and CD/DVD in the den. She used to hate having to switch this and that. Come to think about it, I did too!

Scot Forier's picture

I know lots of women who love music. We go to concerts, symphony hall, and to the opera; however, none of them claim to be audiophiles.

W.O.'s picture

Unfortunately, I have not really found any. Angie, the dealer at one of the the stores, is the only one I know! Too bad. I try to get some women interested, but it's hard. I did find one person, however, who really likes to listen to lots of different music (the way we do), but she doesn't have any real gear of her own (yet?!)

Matthew Erdmann's picture

I share this curiousity! I would love to meet female audiophiles. ;)

Will's picture

I met her in college (I just graduated). She was a bit strange.

Theodore Bongo-Shaftsbury's picture

Female audiophiles? I've heard rumours that they exist . . . Also, I've heard of a large, possibly prehistoric reptilian creature dwelling in some murky lake in Scotland . . . Haven't checked out either of these personally, but the latter has something of the ring of truth about it . . .

MH's picture

None, but then again, I live in the middle of Iowa.

orlando's picture

and i can't even remember her name.

Anonymous's picture

One of the local (Kirkland, WA) audio stores is owned by one.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

one,but this 43 year old attractive SWAudiophile would be willing to try again with right laday. Must like Mahler, Brubeck and screaming guitars. Sports car racing a plus

MJ's picture

Never met a female audiophile. However, I sold stereos for a while, and I think women have better hearing. They focus right in on the "gestalt," as HP would call it, whereas men tend to focus on the equipment, what they've read about it, and to what they think is going on technically. I think women are unimpressed with high-end audio because they're unmoved by the "cool gear" factor, yet the majority of high-end systems don't really sound all that good. It will be interesting to discover what female consumers think of SACD and DVD-Audio.

Jean Rea's picture

My SO and I are women who do love great sound, and we have some other ladies involved on an informal basis. I have found going into a sales outlet does cause the gentlemen to be somewhat uncomfy in dealing w/me, I will not hazard a reason why.

Nate L.'s picture

Never met a woman who is a die-hard audiophile. My experience is that women concern themselves with other sorts of trivialities. Boys and their toys is a male-dominated club, and hi-end audio seems to be one of our trivialities.

matthew neal's picture

like to meet some

Isiah Johnson's picture

None. The women I have tried to bring into this hobby (including my wife) say they like the sound, and the equipment is impressive. But I find them listening to boomboxes with just as much pleasure as my megabuck system. Most of them are not involved with all of the jargon in this hobby. You know the jargon, don't you? Soundstage, timbre, depth, imaging. They just know the music.