How many female audiophiles do you know personally or have met?

How many female audiophiles do you know personally or have met?
100 or more
0% (0 votes)
50 to 99
0% (0 votes)
30 to 50
0% (0 votes)
20 to 29
0% (0 votes)
10 to 19
1% (2 votes)
5 to 9
2% (4 votes)
2 to 5
6% (15 votes)
1 only!
16% (43 votes)
75% (199 votes)
I am one!!
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 266

Reader Sharon Churchill is curious about whether or not <I>Stereophile</I>'s readers have much contact with female audiophiles.

Dave Rankin's picture

I met a female audiophile in 1977 when I first got married. God was she wierd. Dave

Calvin Flemmings's picture

I met one in 1976. Her system was better than mine. I've never met another one since.

Martin Sandstroem's picture

Wouldn't that be nice! The day I meet a female audiophile, will be the day I fall in love.

David S.  Dodd,'s picture

Unfortunately, only one . . . my wife. But even here there is a catch: she's totally deaf in her left ear (nerve damage), so accuses me of spending twice as much as she would on gear. Mono would be just fine for her. Joking aside, her good ear is truly golden . . .

Randolph Fenton's picture

It is not a general priority for women. I returned from work one day to discover a 4-foot plant positioned directly in front of my

Robin Banks's picture

It's a shame, but I have yet to meet a female who was really into high -end audio. Sure, the majority of women love music just as much as men, but to see a woman who can talk tubes and power amps is a rare sight. A lot of women don't care about how things "sound." To them the meaning of the music carries more weight. Trust me. Men wouldn't sing love songs if women didn't like hearing them so much! LOL!

Brad Bryant's picture

Wish I knew some, but I don't.

Andrew Johnson's picture

In college there aren't many audiophiles to being with...let alone ones of the female persuation!!!

Vern Neal's picture

Never met one, zi don't beleive the even exist. I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery again before I meet one.

rene fortier's picture

I don't know any woman audiophile but i know lot of women you appreciate a good sounding sound system.

Tip Johnson's picture

I don't even know more than a few MALE audiophiles. One question I've always had is, Why are most musicians, conductors, and composers male? Is music a guy thing? The reason might be due to that old adage, "men's work is from dawn to dusk, but women's work is never done." I.e., men have had leisure time that women traditionally haven't.

Rich's picture

Love to meet just one

Chris S.'s picture

I met her at HI-FI '99. Go figure.

Ronald Loke's picture

In all my years as an audiophile, I've only personally known ONE female audiophile who is as passionate about the hobby. Come to think of it, that's really amazing!!

David's picture

In general, I think that women view expensive audio equipment as "guy thing", just as they do any expensive toy.

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Joe Plaziak's picture

My girlfriend hears things that I don't, and reminds me that it's about the music above all. I have learned to respect her ears. She is unencumbered with "knowledge" about what "should" sound better, and her perceptions frustrate me sometimes, but I always listen again with a more open mind after hearing her commentary.

Mike McDermott's picture

My wife, Kathryn. Stevie Nicks helped.

TomP's picture

None! Zipp! Poor women! No offense but I guess male still rules when it comes to this.

Dennis DeJulio's picture

I thought I knew one once, but all she liked was Bolero.

Steve Williams's picture

I am trying to convert my wife, but she thinks one audio fanatic per family is all the law allows.

Rusli's picture

Can't find one female audiophile! Can't even find one who could remotely be interested in audiophilia. Maybe its just me.... I mean because of me :(

Mark A's picture

None. Not by choice, but I haven't really ever met any in Colorado Springs although I'm sure we must have some.

R.Stacy Fenner's picture

My wife is the farthest from an audiophile, but I like using her for listening tests.

Sasha Scepanovich's picture

They just do not here that and do not understand that!

Justin Busch's picture

My girlfriend finds my hobby rather amusing, but not particularly worth her time. And that's just the most charitable view I've seen a woman take towards hi-fi.

Houp N.  Haller, Copenhawgen's picture

If karaoke counts, just one.

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F.  Tosssan's picture

Unfortunately, in my 30 years as an audiophile, I have not met a single female true audio- phile. Is it me or is it some kind of social phenomenon?

Karl R.  U.T.Film Dept, Austin's picture

3 Total. My wife and two of her female friends. We need a lot more on this world.