The Hegel Amplifier Experience

I am sure it's a good sign, but I have been crossing paths with Hegel amplifiers a lot this last year. And, all of these encounters have featured a testicular upper bass and lower midrange coupled with a hyper-colorful upper midrange. No matter what loudspeaker they are powering I always think, Hmmmm. . .maybe here's a solid-state amp that plays like the proverbial tube amp—but without that old "MOSFET mist."

My CES encounter featured the 75Wpc Hegel H80 integrated amp ($2000) driving (are you ready?) the Magico S-1 loudspeakers ($12,900/pair). The source was Tidal streaming. This surprising combination played music with relaxed detail, naturalness, openness and body.

rcb3n474's picture

I recently bought an H100 after reading some reviews. I have it driving a set of Harbeths. I've had separates all of my life but this integrated sounds better than any of my previous pre/amp setups. I'm glad I came across this brand.

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I'd make a move to one of the Hegel integrateds if separates were no longer an option for me. I need to hear them, but what I've read is very attractive.

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I heard a Hegel integrated (can't recall which model) joined with a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars. It was a formidable combination. The combination produced a massive scale of sound which stood in sharp contrast to the modest size and power rating of the equipment. I can vouch for the sound of this set-up without being at CES 2015.

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I wish more manufacturers would show (and reviewers review) modest gear inserted into ultra high end systems. Dare the piece to show its warts.

Kudos to Hegel. You should be able to actually hear what their amp can do without a bottleneck at the speakers.

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I demoed 3 hegel int's this fall the rost, h190 and h360 and the rost had as much control and sounded as great as the h360 did, but the h360 didn't get warm driving my current hungry speakers. The h190 will probably be the int to beat this year.