Have you studied music? Do you play music yourself?

Have you studied music? Do you play music yourself?
Yes, I have studied music
14% (27 votes)
Yes, have studied music and play an instrument or two
46% (88 votes)
I just play an instrument
19% (36 votes)
I just listen
22% (42 votes)
Total votes: 193

Lots of great poll questions have been submitted and we'll start working through them. Here's the first one: Have you studied music? Do you play music yourself?

John's picture

I play percussion instruments in a church based orchestra.

Douglas Bowker's picture

I just listen and have since as early as I could ask for my own transistor radio, and I had a kiddie record player. As soon as I earned a dime, it started going towards tapes, then records and stereo equipment. It hasn't let up since.

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

I'm over 60. When I was in grade school, you took an instrument or choir. Music was important. Now, not so much. Sad.

Neil D.'s picture

I took piano lessons as a child, but only until the teacher discovered that I could not read music (fast enough to play). Sounds like a retirement project to start over.

EG's picture

I am taking classical guitar lessons. The guitar is the queen of classical instruments. Only the piano can best its versatility. No instrument offers more colors for the artist to use in painting his picture.

sammy's picture

I have been actively in making music since I was 11 years old. My love for hi-fi reproduction grew out of that.

Black0utti's picture

Turntable must be an instrument!

Jared Gerlach's picture

My musical study has been limited to the most basic music theory and popular music history, but I consider it a start. I am in no way a music scholar!

Sherwood's picture

I tried guitar lessons but found out I have lousy finger dexterity.

Craig's picture

Currently taking guitar lessons.

J R's picture

I learned to play the stereo at a young age and never had a desire to play any other musical instrument. In my old age I have come to believe that learning to read & play music makes one more rounded, smarter, and more able to cope with, and appreciate, life.

Paul Luscusk's picture

I was a music major at one time.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I played guitar for years, and sing bass in the Choral Society of the First Congregational Church in Columbus, Oho, where I have performed works by Mozart, Faure, Duruffle, Palestrina, and many others, and many of my performances have been recorded and rebroadcast on local radio.

dBruce's picture

Played bass clarinet in high school band in the '70s. To this day, when I hear a bass clarinet in jazz or classical my ears prick up.

Fredh's picture

Piano lessons at various times between ages 10 and 28. Played for some Sunday school classes and for my own amusement but never progressed any further. Now at age 60, my fingers are too stiff with tendonitis to play. Probably should have stuck with it in my youth, but the experience was still valuable to me. Maybe I should sell my piano and upgrade some audio gear.

macksman's picture

I proved to myself again that I'm just a listener by pulling out an old accoustic guitar last month and just failing miserably to coax anything pleasant out of it. System sounds great. My fingers just don't get it done. I'd probably screw up rhythm sticks.

Olin in Oregon's picture

As a child, I took piano and clarinet lessons, and have traveled extensively as a solo vocalist with a choral ensemble.

ACF's picture

Love of music reaches into all corners of one's life.

mrlowry's picture

I tried guitar, but I can't carry a tune in a bucket.

Selmer6player, West Hills, CA's picture

I was a music major at UCLA, and graduated with a Ph.D in music in 1977. I currently play alto and tenor sax, as well as the occasional clarinet, in studio and at live concerts. I have also been teaching music for the past 30 years. It is indeed a wonderful life.

Dave's picture

I've been playing trumpet for 51 years and guitar about 15. My wife's piano is looking interesting.

Jerry's picture

Was a musician in a previous life. Now, just a schmuck.

BeeJay DeeJay's picture

I just listen and I really regret that I didn't have the chance to learn to play at least one instrument seriously. Maybe in my next life...

Dismord's picture

I studied the pipe organ, but now don't play. Luckily though, I can still read musical scores which adds an extra layer of enjoyment to listening to music, live or recorded.

Travis's picture

Euphonium and tuba in concert bands, jazz bass trombone. Just had a concert this past evening!

Armando Santos's picture

I play keybords very badly, but I do.

Bill's picture

Nope. I took some guitar lessons when I was 10 or so, but got bored quickly. I'd love to learn to play the piano—perhaps one day...

Haroon's picture

Actually, I am learning an instrument.

Carlos Bauza's picture

Studied solfeggio, clarinet and voice, to include staged opera, lieder, and other art songs.

Patrick Griffith's picture

Music has always been important to me. It soothes pains, griefs, and bereavements. When playing the saxophone, I forget the world around for an hour or so.