Have you ever received great customer service from an audio company? Who was it?

In response to last week's question about name brands, many of you mentioned customer service as very important. Do you have an example of outstanding customer service from an audio company?

Have you ever received great customer service from an audio company? Who was it?
80% (123 votes)
1% (1 vote)
Not yet
19% (29 votes)
Total votes: 153

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McIntosh, Klipsch (along time ago)

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Not in 30 years. The two are mutually exclusive.

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Pioneer fixed a product for free way after the warranty was over.

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I have received outstanding customer care from Decware. Steve takes a personal interest in his tube products' performance and does his best to keep his customers happy. I guess this is one advantage of having a boutique business. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Bryston is, hands down, the best audio company on earth! I've occasionally fried and mutilated their stuff (which is very hard to do) and they send it back fast, working better than ever, with no hassle. In 1990, I sent back an early edition 2B power amp which I purchased in 1977. The original unplated RCA input connections had become unsoldered. All they had to do was resolder them. Instead, they installed improved gold plated connectors and at no cost! As a result of their service, Bryston is the brand that appears most often in my catalogue of past and present upgrades and that I recommend most to friends and family. I'm not alone in singing my praises for this company. One customer was so impressed that he actually named his newborn son "Bryston"—undoubtedly in honor of the firm, since the name itself is a neologism invented by the company's founders.

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Jim Wang from Harmonic Technology who helped to send replacement parts promptly with no questions asked.

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myryad systems from the uk -- excellent at answering technical and basic questions. Fast response times, too.

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In most instances I have been dissappointed. Occassionally I got reasonable service but outstanding I have been happy to get my unit back.

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No failures.

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Theta Digital is the best! They updated my DAC promptly at a reasonable price.

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In the days before I got online, I needed an owner's manual for a Mark Levinson amplifier I had bought used. I wrote them a letter. They mailed me a photocopy at no charge, and very promptly. Thanks again, guys!

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Axiom Audio, great customer service and great products for the money

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Klaus from Odyssey is a real champ when it comes to customer service.

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Audio Advisor

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Sony. I have quite a number of Sony products. I have had service performed on any number of their products. In the case the equipment is still under warranty Sony picks up the tab for shipping, parts, and labor. In addition, they have published prices for service to their products. This allows the consumer to go into the repair process knowing what the price will be. Often the price is less than the published price. Bottlehead DIY kits is another firm with exceptional service. They have a website where problems can be resolved in a matter of hours, and they also have a phone. In the worst case, the kit can be mailed back and the manufacturer will set it right for you. I have also had outstanding service from Samsung. They upgraded a ROM chip on a Xmas gift DVD player based on just a phone call and a trip to the designated Samsung Service Center in my area.

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Audio Reasearch offers suggestions on new purchases and upgrades, plus rapid upgrade turnaround. In a recent instance, I felt I needed to purchase their expensive Reference 300 monoblocks to drive my new speakers. They recommended the VTM200 instead at nearly half the price. Their position was that for these speakers they felt the VTM's provided sufficient power and would sound better. It's not often a manufacturer talks a customer into paying almost $15,000 less for a less expensive product.

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About two years ago, I purchased a used McIntosh MSD4 Surround processer. Once I received it, I realized that there was a delay in identifying digital signals when using it as an outboard D/A converter for my CD player. I called McIntosh and explained my problem and I was immediatly connected to one of the engineers. He explained that it was a programming fault and could be corrected with a new board. I inquired as to the cost, his reply was, in an almost scoffing tone, "It's a McIntosh." There would be no charge. I explained I had purchased it used and once again he said, "Sir, it's a McIntosh, we can't charge for an error on our part. You purchased a used McIntosh based on our reputation, we can't charge you for that!" I was astounded at such service. Once I received the MSD4 back, I received a phone call from that same engineer, "Sir, does it perform as you expected? Are you satisfied? Enjoy your McIntosh and let me know if any other problems arise." Two days later I received another call from the service department. They too wanted to verify my satisfaction. I may have received that kind of service from somebody else, but the occasion hasn't occured. But, I must say that I am sold on McIntosh and recommend them highly.

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Velodyne Acoustics. Full replacement & upgrade to current specs of a product with a minor problem. Customer service was terrific.

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Bryston. In one word : amazing. My four-year-old amp ws not functioning. No problem. I sent it to their service center, waited for exactly one week, and voila. They fixed it and shipped it with no cost to me. No need for dealer intervention! Can't say enough good things about these guys.

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Audio Adviser , when I purchased my Muscial Fidelity amps & CD player AA was most helful & willing to barter there sales people were very knowledgable & helpful. Unfortunatly AA no longer sells Musicial Fidelity gear and if you need help ,as I do ,it is not easy & frendly to come by. You see I use 2 MF AC3R amps with Martin Logan Ascents. The amps not only have input jacks but also have output jacks . And MF's "Instruction Manual" says nothing about these outputs . I have gotten conflicting info from Kevro ,MF's new Distributor, as to how these amps sould be bi-wired.

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Every time I've contacted Mark Levison or PS Audio, I've gotten friendly, knowledgeable people that were a pleasure to talk to.

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You're kidding right? The state of high end is due to poor customer relations and the fact that these same loving companies want to gouge everyone with the outrageous prices on their equipment. The digital age is what's wrong. No human contact or ability to make and keep lasting personal contacts anymore. If you remove feelings from this hobby, there's not much left.

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Roger Sanders at Innersound. Amazing service. He is informed AND accessable and cared more about my budget and my experience than almost me. A true pleasure and now the yard stick I measure hi-fi companies with. Above and beyond is an understatement for describing Roger.

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One time I posted online a problem I was having and a repesentative from Krell posted back and asked me to contact them. They rectified the problem. I was impressed as were other people on the forum. Needless to say I filed that gentleman's name and phone number in case anything else ever comes up.

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In the early eighties, and after a considerable audition process, my wife and I selected Theil 03A speakers. After a little more than a decade we "retired" them, placing them in their cartons. Two years ago we opened the cartons and removed the speakers to set them up again and found that the rubber membranes that secure the paper cones to the frames had disintegrated. I contacted Thiel and they insisted I ship the two bass drivers to them. A week later they were returned repaired without an associated, and rightfully expected, invoice. After eighteen years Thiel not only stood behind their product, they were both generous and anxious to help.

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AudioCentre in Montr

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Linn! Prompt fast and kind when I called about my LP12. They exactly the problem and sent me a fix. CAn't ask for more than that, now can you.

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Only after ten phonecalls and talking about a lawsuit was there any satisfying service provided by Sherwood, America

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I've received wonderful support from Pass Labs, Polk, Joseph Audio, Classe, and McIntosh. On the video side, "support" from Panasonic is so woeful as to be maddening (the "get lost" corporate mentality).