Have you delayed buying a disc player until the SACD/DVD-Audio situation settles?

Have you delayed buying a disc player until the SACD/DVD-Audio situation settles?
Yes, I'll wait it out.
64% (226 votes)
Yes, but only for a short time.
11% (39 votes)
Not really.
7% (25 votes)
Not at all.
11% (39 votes)
I don't care.
6% (22 votes)
Total votes: 351

Whenever a new format rolls out, there's always the fear among manufacturers that consumers will stop buying current models while waiting to see what happens with the new ones. Is this true for SACD and DVD-Audio?

Stephen Curling's picture

There is so much bickering going on about formats and who's gonna get the credit that it should be worth the wait.

Mr Nice Guy's picture

I recently purchased a Rega Planet. I'll use it in addition to any new format that comes along.

John P.  Wirick, Jr.'s picture

First I want 24/96 HDCD at home, in the car, and for travel (as in Burr-Brown 1732 chips). That will keep me until these latest Beta/VHS wars are decided. I spend lots of time commuting; how come nobody has a portable HDCD player to go with my Etymotics ER-4s or Grado 325s? I just GOTTA HAVE my porta-tunes!

Brankin's picture

I bought a stand alone DAC and invested the dollar difference between that and a new CD player in short term investment type products. I'll invest that and the resold DAC proceeds in one of the new formats when it makes a little more sense to me.

James B.  Mitchell's picture

Who in their right mind would spend $5000 for a machine that will only play one format of all the new possibilities when the disk the music is recorded on will be the same for them all. Talk about tossing good money down the toilet or what!

Dave's picture

I am spending all my time looking at the best format to date and buying as much of it as I can. "Vinyl"

TDA's picture

Are you kidding? SACD or DVD? I don't see either one as viable since the software prices are higher and it will take years until there could be a reasonable catalog for either format. Plus, most consumers think CDs are fine. Longer term, internet delivery and upsampling are the next big things, so to speak. But in the interim many people will buy new CD players. Hey, I just bought a painfully obsolete NAIM CD3.5 and revel in my outdated sound. And I know cheaper models are selling.

Mikenificent1's picture

I'm probably buying a new CD Transport very soon, but it is SACD upgradeable. I was going to wait it out, but my current transport is going down the tubes.

AD's picture

SACD is the way to go!!!

Kenneth Kirkpatrick's picture

I went right out and bought a Basis Debut Gold turntable with Graham arm and Benz Ruby 2 cartridge. It just seemed the right way to approach the digital future!

KJ's picture

I'm in need of a decent CD player now! Not in, say, 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 . . . years. Of course I'll consider DVD-A/SACD. But not until the second- or third-generation universal player (that is, audio-only SACD/DVD-A) is out on the market (and please give me a player that completely ignores the video-content option), and hopefully the software selection is adequately interesting.

R.M.  Reed's picture

I want to get an all-format disc player, one that I won't have to upgrade for at least five years.

George E.  Bennett's picture

And I'll wait and wait and wait until a couple of things happen: the machines will also play my regular CDs and a good selection of software, competively priced, is available.

Rodney Gold's picture

I'm hardly going to swap my already good CD player for something that has minimal software and is still in 1st gen phase. At any rate , why bother with new optical formats when the next Audio paradigm shift is massive SS storage devices. Anything optical today doesn't offer the consumer increased functionality. As we all know , improved quality at higher prices is generally not grounds for massive takeup.

Arvind Kohli's picture

Here are the technologies I am waiting for: DVD-Audio, DVD+RW, HDDVD. Till they come together for a reasonable price, I will wait on a DVD upgrade.

Chris S.'s picture

I have no desire to shell out money for another system I'll want to replace in 8 months. I get my fill of that with my computer. I'll wait as long as I have to.

I.M.  Outthere's picture

I'm waiting for SACD DVDHD. Power to the people!

Henry's picture

I've gone ahead and purchased a high-end CD player in the past year without any consideration of the upcoming formats because I have plenty of CDs that I'd like to listen to, and I have absolutely no sympathy for corporate diddling over how to extract more cash from the masses.

Brian's picture

What do I care...I have a turntable.

Darren's picture

I'm very uncertain about the future of high-quality audio. It's the whole Betamax/VHS thing all over again. I suppose the real reason I haven't bought a player yet is the stratospheric prices. If the prices come down soon, I'll likely buy one—especially if the SACD/DVD-Audio combi players come about.

Kevin Fitzpatrick's picture

I got burned in the Beta/VHS war. I'm not going to do it again! I still have my records.

Andrew Jones's picture

Still waiting for that DVD audio/ SACD surround combo player and a wide range of affordable decent music

Federico's picture

Can't wait for the Sony all-in-one DVD player due out in October that will handle SACD, DVD-Audio and DVD-Videos!

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

Sooner or later you have to kill the engineer and get on with making the product. You can only wait so long before you need to listen. With emerging technologies, the only things to wait for are the end of the initial period of exhorbitant pricing, and to see if the format has a future. But not for the latest model.

Noah's picture

I just want a larger selection of SACD players

D.  Cline's picture

I bought a DVD player for the A/V but the last CD player was 2 years ago. With my current selection of CD's and vinyl I am not in a great hurry to jump in.

Jacques Hardy's picture

The situation regarding SACD/DVD being what it is right now, I can not understand the people who spend thousands on a CD player. But a message to the industry : get down to earth, boys, and try to sell us products that have reality prices, and go for software ! Now !

Tony Esporma's picture

Like the song says, "you keep me going round and round, like a record . . . " I figure that until I can get a universal DVD player with a reasonably priced decoder, I'll keep the vinyl going.

Ed Pugacz's picture

I'm in no hurry. It'll be quite a while before I'll be dropping any money on multichannel reproduction. Maybe never. I may just use SACD and DVDA in 2 channel mode.

David K Badner's picture

I'm still using the Radio Shack 3400 CD player. I mostly play records.