hARt Lab

High End Munich continued to unveil new (at least to me) names in the world of hi-fi; amplifier manufacturer hARt Labs was another fascinating discovery.

hARt Labs products are made in Greece, and the company is helmed by the three-man engineering team of Nondas Gaveras, Kostas Trovas, and Nikos Fanakis. hARt Lab’s largely static display caught my attention with the bold diagonal lines and clever cages of their tube/MOSFET amplifiers.

“Even more so,” states hARt Lab’s website, “when this amplification is achieved in only two stages, voltage amplification with vacuum tubes and current amplification with MOSFETs, [it] highlights the quality of the components used.”

Presented by hARt Labs’s Epaminondas Gaveras, hArt’s setup included their Reference Series preamplifier Tune Two, with streamer and headphone output (€19,000,00), Reference Series dual mono amplifier Tune Three (€30,000), Superior Series preamplifier Tune Four, with streamer and headphone output (€27,000), Superior Series monoblock amplifier Tune Five (€32.000/each), and Super integrated amplifier, Tune Six (TBA).

Showing with Estelon Aura speakers ($19,000/pair in white) and Signal Projects cables, hARt Lab’s bold, industrial-tinged designs are hopefully matched by their products’s performance.

hARt Lab's picture

Thank you Ken Micallef for the attention on our creations!