The sound of the Harbeth Compact 7 speakers, driven by an LFD integrated amplifier via TellurideQ cables was as musically communicative as I was expecting. But then I saw the triangular Stein Magic Diamond sitting on top of the speaker cabinet and knew I was in the presence of serious audio strangeness. Sam Tellig wrote about the Stein devices in his September 2011 issue column: "The Harmonizers, Magic Stones, and Magic Diamonds helped make the room boundaries disappear and the venue of each recording matter more. It was as if sound flowed more freely through the air."


But the sound in this room did have some special magic to it.

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Or maybe it's the LP jacket leaning against the speaker that's doing it.

You can't even do an A/B comparison for something like the Magic Diamond, because there's an infinity of other things that would have to be held constant -- after all, there's no theory to tell you which things are relevant, if you allow that the Diamond could be relevant.

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It's TelluriumQ, not TellurideQ (must have skiing on the brain ;) )