Happy Record Store Day 2012

Today is officially Record Store Day. Go out and visit your local record store. Here's a short film to get in the mood.

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Thanks for sharing. What's even more impressive than the size of this collection is the amount of knowledge this guy has!

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" Go out and visit your local record store " LOL, what local record store.


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: (

Where do you live, Tim?

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Remember, Stephen, when you and the boys were in the ATL for last year's AXPONA and went to Criminal Records (and hopefully Wax 'N Facts around the corner, too?) in the Little Five Points neighborhood?

Well, there are only a handful of other stores in metro Atlanta that sell vinyl and most don't offer as much as what you saw. Unless you live in urban areas, and the right ones at that, record stores "don't exist" by and large.

Yes, Atlantans, I'm aware of places like Mojo Vinyl in Roswell and Sweet Melissa* in Marietta but you'll admit that's not suburbia, not mass-market mainstream.

When I was growing up, places like Streetside Records and Peaches or Tower Records were in "mainstream suburan" neighborhoods like Starbucks and Home Depot are today. Not any more, not really. Today, for most of us it takes a dedicated, special trip to see a record store.

In other words, for most listeners it's not so much that indies went away, it's that small, medium and large chain record stores went away. Trust me, the smaller stores like Streetside often had a nice vibe to them as well.

*This was my spot for RSD this year after my frustrating and failed effort to find parking near Criminal last year. When I'd last visited more than a year or so ago, it was mostly antiques, some new vinyl mixed in with the used. I wasn't inspired.

Today, the motif is still Dusty Vintage Audio Decor (which I dig; several pieces are used for decoration, mostly, and there remains a cache of old photographic gear, watches, books and so on). But there's a bit more new vinyl now, and holy shit, 4 audio systems on display for sale --- new stuff. Oh, and RSD was packed. Well done, guys.

I didn't warm to any RSD specials however. Instead, I got a new LP that was released last week, a perfect gem in the $1 bin outside and a picture disk splurge for my daughter. She got to hear it yesterday and has been excited about her "C_, er I mean record" ever since.

Most importantly, it won't be another year before I head back there.

New problem: now I'm scouring eBay for ideas on a simple all-in-one record player for her room. Something like those new-yet-old cheesy Crosleys you see but less expensive, hopefully.