The original pillars of the music showcases at South By Southwest are, in order, acts from Austin, America and the UK. Bands and singer/songwriters from the UK have always had a special place in their heart for flying into Austin in March. I suspect that the government also helps defray the cost of their airline tickets which takes the sting, at least financially, out of those long transatlantic flights. As I do every year, I slid into a few Scottish showcases in 2015, and there I stumbled upon Honeyblood, an energetic female duo from Glasgow, who make a prodigious noise which is both fun and slightly angry and dark at the edges. Many tunes about sleazy lying scum (i.e. men) like "Super Rat" give vent to their passion. Seen live, guitarist/singer Stina Tweeddale and new drummer Cat Myers have more bash and crash energy than what's on the first self-titled full length that was released in 2014. While the Breeders, Throwing Muses comparisons are inevitable I guess, these women have their own distinct material and a bright career ahead.

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It's nothing that Kathleen Hanna couldn't fix.