Grand Prix Turntable Debuts in Arizona Tomorrow, Saturday

At their monthly listening party Esoteric Audio (111 West Monroe Street, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ) will be featuring the local premier of the Grand Prix Audio Monaco v2.0 table. The official listening party is on Saturday August 13 at 3:00pm, but the table will be demonstrated Friday afternoon, August 12, and all day Saturday. Grand Prix Audio's VP of Sales and Marketing, Jesse Luna, will be on hand Friday and Saturday to show off the Monaco table as well as discuss current and future product offerings. More information is available at

Esoteric Audio says that they will keep the Monaco 'table spinning until the last person leaves or the beer runs out (whichever comes first). If you want to give the Monaco v2.0 a critical listen (and sup some libations) then please call (602) 247-7677 or email Esoteric Audio at

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Seems like we are swinging back to direct drive being the fashionable turntable choice.

Welcome back, direct drive!

Maybe I will throw on my leisure suit and platform shoes and truck on down!

Hope they have a great event!

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Direct drive turntables usually get a bad rap from the belt drive enthusiasts. They claim the belt isolates any motor vibration. Now that notion gets thrown out the window. Why's that?

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Just re-read his review of the original.