Gourmet Food Trucks!

I might have missed the wine tastings, but I did not miss the gourmet food trucks. Like vinyl and nautical-themed clothing, lunch trucks have been making a big comeback. Don’t ask why. Just enjoy it.

On one fine and sunny afternoon, Devore Fidelity’s John DeVore and I stepped out for lunch. We came this close to ordering a couple of foot-long, potato-wrapped sausages covered in chili and cheese from Tornado Potato, but we wound up settling for Rolling Sushi. Sushi from a truck? It was really good!

Then, of course, since we didn’t bust our guts on Tornado Potato, we treated ourselves to a waffle topped with English toffee ice cream from Waffles de Liege. Mmm!

Garth Leerer's picture

Stephen, this is how it was told to me by a successful food truck purveyor in San Francisco. In 2008, there was a "perfect storm" with the construction industry on the downturn, no new restaurants openning, and many new chefs graduating from culinary schools and other restaurant kitchens. People with vision saw this as an opportunity. They outfitted "roach coaches" with high qualty kitchens, recruited young chefs, created themes and menus, and the new food truck movement was born. Like vinyl, its quality over quantity.