The Good, Old-Fashioned Way

As we can tell from Michael Lavorgna’s awesome reporting over at AudioStream, computer audio was very hot indeed at RMAF, but there were still lots of old-fashioned vinyl enthusiasts to be found digging through the old-fashioned crates for old-fashioned music.

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You are right Stephen I have been enjoying Lavorgna's coverage - a lot to learn but look at all that sweet vinyl.  There is something about the ritual of opening a vinyl sleeve, gently taking out that record, clamping it on your turntable, watching it spin while your cartridge and arm track that no OS, laptop, hand held device can ever substitute.  

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...If vinyl (the decades old, true high res format still to this day) is an "old-fashioned" vehicle to music, I'm a horses ass...

Then maybe the computer audio quagmire might be seen as nifty, trendy, and a less than stable format for investing in a long term library by some. 

I concede that creating and recreating and recreating product lines in a shiny silver format that is obsolete every six months may seem like a great consumer industry model but, for the long term audiophile/music lover not so much.

I think I've just threw-up in my mouth a little bit.

My first turntable resides on the self next to the rest of my Hifi today, where are your last six digital players? A land fill? (not to mention, your hardly earned dollars).

Happy Listening!

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I like "old-fashioned" things.

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Also the glory of vinyl is the memory that is attached to each vinyl cover.  While CD's to a certain degree offer that same feeling of reminisce the vinyl jacket and the record itself seem to do a better job of taking me back than any usb/dac/hard drive will ever do. 

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We started with vinyl, then we trudged through CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, computer audio, and we are now full circle back to vinyl?

Has technology given up on music and with nothing better to offer at this time vinyl has become the new choice of audiophiles?

I ask this because I have heard computer audio and high res is no viable solution.