Giant-Killer Cables

The Isle of Wight-based company, Artisan Silver Cables, has launched a new brand, Giant-Killer Cables, “a range of painstakingly handcrafted audiophile-quality OFC and silver-plated OFC cables at exceptionally reasonable prices.” There are currently two options available—the Ultra-Pure interconnect starts at £49/0.5m pair, while the Quad-Core Silver interconnect starts at £99/0.5m pair—but the company plans to also offer HDMI and USB cables.

How do Giant-Killer Cables keep their prices reasonable? The company sells direct through their website and claims kinder business practices: “Typically, mass-produced cables from many well-respected manufacturers sell for at least 8-10 times their cost of production—we prefer to price ours more fairly.”

The prices for Giant-Killer Cables include worldwide shipping, and all orders are offered with a 21-day trial period.

At home, I’ve been using extremely inexpensive ($6.99/3ft) Radio Shack cables, and I’m eager to replace them. An upcoming “Entry Level” column will focus on cables, so maybe I’ll request a sample of these Giant-Killers and find out if they live up to their bold name.

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It is nice to see some reasonably priced audiophile cables for once. There either seems to be the Radio Shack ones, or the ones that cost more than my system.

Looking forward to your review on these.

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blue jeans standard interconnect, the LC-1. 3 feet w/techflex is only $35.

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Cables and the wiring are the guts of any machine or system so it is essential they are of great quality. So I always use military wiring harnesses that are of the best quality available, of course this comes at a price but it is worth it.

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Include Paul Speltz's anti-cables and even though they do not have the catchet and have been around awhile the Goertz series of cables have a great price/performance ratio in my experience.

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On a whim to prove that you don't have to break the bank for expensive cables with elaborate box-attached designs... I tried several pairs of Signal Cables; digital; RCA; and XLR's with great results. Even with resale; the cables move quickly... highly recommended.

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Stephen, I previously "spoke" to you about 'my father's turntable'. Can you tell me what the cost is in dollars, for a set 1 meter, of the cheap ones?

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Hi Jeff.
All of the prices are listed on the Giant-Killer website, linked to in the entry. One meter of the Ultra Pure interconnect costs 59 British Pounds, or around $100 US.
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I am in search of balanced interconnects and am curious if they manufacture them. Nothing was listed on their website, does anyone know if they do?