Forget musical merit. What is the best-sounding disc you have in your collection?

Let's focus on sound for this week. (We'll zero-in on the music next week.) When you want to hear how good a recording can sound, what do you go for? Forget musical merit. What is the best-sounding disc you have in your collection?

Forget musical merit. What is the best-sounding disc you have in your collection?
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Can't think of one
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Total votes: 172

Raymond's picture

Michael Murray: The Organs at First Congregational Church, Los Angeles (Telarc 1983 CD-80088)

-Jason's picture

Diana Krall:"Live in Paris

Fred's picture

Rebecca Pidgeon or anything by Nathalie Merchant.

BeeJayDeeJay's picture

For technical merit, it has to be the Sheffield Track and Drum Record.

Richard's picture

Symphonic Dances by the Dallas Wind Symphony (Reference Recordings)

John Dombrowski's picture

I adore the Oscar Peterson Trio's rendition of West Side Story. The recording is amazing and the music itself is fantastic.

Jim's picture

Whatever it is, it won't be vinyl.

Rca's picture

1) Dan Mandingue by Alain Debiossat, 2) Burmester Test CD II.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Beethoven Symphonies No. 1&2 (CD19504). Conductor Okko Kamu, orchestra Stockholm Sinfonietta. Label Opus3. Recorded with one AKG C-24 vacuum-tube stereo mic on Telefunken Magnetophon M-28 and BASF SM 468 tape. I'll guess the good recording makes me like the music even more.

Dickie W.'s picture

The Best of Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra on a Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab CD (MFCD 795).'s picture

The vinyl (of course) version of The Dead Can Dance's "Into the Labyrinth. The CD is good, too.

Kyle's picture

Zakk Wylde: Book of Shadows

Douglas Bowker's picture

I think I'd have some ties for the best sounding, but the one that I've been using as my reference for the past couple of years is Riot on an Empty Street by the Kings of Convenience. Also one of my favorite albums period, but it can't be beat for ambiance, detail, natural tonality and natural dynamics. The 45 RPM pressing of Chet by Chet Baker would be the nearest tie for bets sounding I can think of.

Harris Haft's picture

OK, I know you won't want these recordings for your own collection. But you know that every once and a while a non-music listner will visit and ask what's so great about Hi-fi. So for the non-initated I suggest two corny recordings Everest9007 CD Tr.2-4 RCA CD 09206-61667-2 Tr.1-8.

CharlieX's picture

Hotel California DVD-A, Morph The Cat DVD-A, In A Silent Way SACD.

Al Marcy's picture

Sampler from a recording geek in Florida. I listen and weep about the lack of communication many techs suffer.

C.  King, Thousand Oaks, CA.'s picture

MFSL gold CD of The Wall.

ted's picture

P.D.Q. Bach: The Short-Tempered Clavier, etc( Telarc 80390). Also, P.D.Q. Bach: 1712 Overture & Other Musical Assaults (Telarc 80210)

craig's picture

Chesky Records: Ultimate Demonstration Disc and Andreas Vollenweider's White Winds. By the way did you guys wimp out on including my "Vote" comment last week?

lc's picture

Tafelmusik on Reference Recordings (45 rpm).

tonyE's picture

Too many. Mid '70s Warner Bros. vinyl is very good, but then Steely Dan is good. The Classic reissues are outstanding and Elvis is Da Man. Bottom line, even Red Knuckles and the Trailbrazers sounds good when I love the music. YeeHaw...

Bubba in SF's picture

James Newton Howard on a Sheffield Labs recording & Marbles by Software for soft jazz and Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers on a Mobile Fidelity LP for rock. OK, So I have more than one.

Drumguy48's picture

Keb Mo The Door SACD (Epic 550)

Jim McDermott's picture

Any of the three CDs of Frank Bridge's piano music, played by Peter Jacobs, on Continuum. Now deleted, sadly. Perfectly tuned piano, understated but beautifully natural acoustic.

Goran Bakic's picture

Bob Marley's Survival (digital remaster): Thundering bass, subtle percussions, very transparent.

Cihangir Güzey's picture

Jean Michel Jarre: Teo & Tea Yes, it is a new age music and very rare vocal exists inside but it sounds incredible. It shows the true potential of 16-bit CD's so nicely. I guess the music is excellent for testing an integrated amplifier & loudspeakers in their full potential. Also, the music is very good (even a bit close to the club sound) and has to be considered by a clubber seriously. A DJ (all DJ's; people who considers themselves as a DJ) has to listen it carefully for not wasting the ecological structure of the world by releasing crap CD's to the market.

SK's picture

Patricia Barber: Cafe Blue

Petter's picture

The worlds greatest audiphile vocal recordings by Chesky, SACD 323.

stephen w sweigart's picture

Harnoncourt: Bruckner's 5th symphony (SACD). Reiner: Prokofiev lt Kije (180g pressing).

Robert Davies's picture

Hmmm, probably Talking Timbuktu by Ali Farka Toure, Ry Cooder, and insane drumming by Jim Keltner. 'Tis good. Very good.