Floods on Bandcamp

I’ve mentioned my old band, The Multi-Purpose Solution: We play a type of hard, fast, guitar-driven rock and roll, inspired by all kinds of things, including: New Jersey, Sonic Youth, the Rolling Stones, the Ramones, pizza, beer, brotherhood, women, Tom Waits, Kurt Vonnegut, Jim Thompson, anger, desperation, the Cure, and Metallica.

But I also make music with my dear friend, Todd. Todd, I think, is a genius: His crazy ability to create and combine sounds would be frightening if it wasn’t so purely delightful. I especially enjoy the music Todd makes under the name At Work. It's amazing stuff and it sounds great on the hi-fi.

Our band, however, is called Floods and we’ve released one album—Transmission. Compared to the Multi-Purpose Solution, the music that Todd and I make is much less aggressive. It’s inspired by New Jersey, pizza, brotherhood, women, rooftops, trains, and winter. I play guitar and sing; Todd handles the electronics and software.

Floods now has a Bandcamp page, so you can listen to the music and purchase the album, if you like. Transmission is available as FLAC, AAC, ALAC, OGG, and 320kbps MP3 file formats.


By the way, we put a lot of thought into the sequencing of the record, and the tracks are meant to be played in order. I, of course, would love for you to listen (and I hope you enjoy!), but, if you do listen, it would be especially great if you took the time to listen from beginning to end.


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It sounds like your band is really getting its feet wet in the industry rather well. I hope that your CD is very successful and that you will have many more years of success in the future.