FLAX Room 1114: Aurender, Joseph, Doshi, Cardas

In the usual preshow rush to coax product lists out of exhibitors, I asked Jeff for his list, and make it fast! One day passed, then another. Finally, Jeff acquiesced, writing "Ken, we just got the room!"

All good. I checked the list. Everything was there: source, amplification, cables—but ... "Jeff, you're a speaker manufacturer, and you’re running the room. Shouldn’t we include your speakers in the list?"

Once in Jeff’s room, time stopped and nobody left the cozy couch. Jeff played a 1/4", 15ips compilation tape (on a Studer A810 with low-inductance heads) containing music by The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Presley, and others, assembled by an engineer who had access to the original master tapes. The sound was exceptionally present, quiet, holographic, and most unusually, relaxing. The attendees sat entranced. Jeff smiled.

The rig included an Aurender N30sa Music Server ($25,000) and two components from Berkeley Audio Design: the Alpha USB Series 2 Interface ($1495) and the Alpha DAC Reference Series 3 ($28,000). Doshi Audio Electronics provided amplification, including an Evo Tape Preamp ($22,000), Evo Line Stage ($22,000), and Evo Stereo Amplifier ($24,000).

And the speakers Jeff forgot to mention? Joseph Audio Perspective 2 Graphene ($16,999/pair). Cables were from Cardas: Clear Beyond speaker cables and interconnects, Clear Beyond XL power Cords, and a Nautilus power strip.