The February Issue Is Here!

MBL's mighty N31 CD player-DAC is featured on the new issue's cover and gets an in-depth review from John Atkinson inside, but February is also our annual "Records 2 Die 4" feature: Our team of writers put their heads together and came up with 61 albums that they will take with them when they go. February also features more on the controversial MQA coding scheme, from John Atkinson on p.3 and Jim Austin on p.125.

In equipment reports we review amplifiers from Jadis, Pass Labs, and PS Audio; LP players from MoFi and Rega; AVM's Ovation MP 8.2 CD player-DAC, and TAD's amazing little Micro Evolution One loudspeaker, while our "Recording of the Month" for February is Robert Silverman's superb new LP of Chopin works for solo piano, from Ray Kimber's IsoMike label.

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From this, they seem to have gone with an off the shelf Hybrid delta sigma and multibit dac. "4-path DA converter with soft transition between delta-sigma and multi-bit processing"

For this kind of money, would have liked to see discrete R2R Multibit all the way.

Cheers George

For this