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The Entry Level

I read with interest Decembers Entry Level . As much as I agree with Stephens views there was one thing that came to my attention several times . He mentioned the cost of audio and that it was " there money , they could spend it however they please  " . I hope Stephen understands that there are many of us that have been at this hobby for decades and it's not really a matter of spending money . When you have been listening to and enjoying music consistently for many years it's just a natural progression to want to improve the expeience . Just as when you age and your financial situation improves , you may want a better house or a nicer car so do you consider a finer stereo . Getting the best bang for the buck is still important but one also looks at built quality , manufacturer and dealer support not to mention things like elegantly designed and built speakers that add to a rooms decore not detract from it . Some of us still prefer to enjoy music every day in are living rooms rather than a dedecated sound room thats likely in the basement and rarely used , been there .

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Kal Rubinson
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I'd like to add my support to

I'd like to add my support to your statement.  Although I am many decades removed from "entry level" and once had a dedicated listening room, I find that I am happier now with my systems integrated into rooms that are more generally accessible to all.  It puts music into our lives rather than sequestering it for less frequent and isolated enjoyment.

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