Emotiva Pro

Emotiva introduced their Pro line at RMAF, beginning with three active loudspeakers: the Airmotiv4 ($399/pair), Airmotiv5 ($599/pair), and Airmotiv6 ($799/pair). Microphone preamps, DACs, and high-performance monitors are all in the works.

Dan Laufman explained that his background is in pro audio and most of the people involved with Emotiva have some sort of interest in recording and music production. As a frustrated ex-musician, Laufman longed to again be a part of the creative experience.

“We want to design products in the service of the musicians and engineers. We want to be involved in the entire musical experience, from creation to production to playback.”

The sound was rich, detailed, present, and alive, capable of producing quiet backgrounds and big dynamic swings. The Airmotiv speakers use a tweeter based on Oskar Heil’s famed Air Motion Transformer. Laufman said he wanted something that would be clean and quick with very little dynamic compression. The speaker cabinets are heavily damped and include amplifiers running in class-A/B.

Laufman smiled: “To be a part of the creative process is really satisfying.”

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A colleague insisted I take a listen to the 4's, and pulled me into the room. Damn good. And powered! Really damn good.