Eficion & Plinius

Eficion’s distinctly shaped F250 loudspeaker ($9950/pair) combines an Air Motion Transformer tweeter with a 5” carbon-fiber midrange unit and a 10” woofer. The speaker has a high specified sensitivity of 90db and a frequency range of 30Hz–35kHz.

The speakers were partnered with Plinius (“The Heart of Music”) gear: the 125Wpc, Class-A SA-103 power amplifier ($10,125), M8 preamplifier ($5150), and Tiki 24/96-compatible networking DAC ($4775).

Listening to an unfamiliar piece of Brazilian music, with hand percussion, acoustic guitar, and lovely vocals, I noted a sound that was warm and slightly dark, but nevertheless enjoyable.

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No matter how much the speakers you "review" deviate from neutral, you find them enjoyable. I see a pattern here.

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Everyone sees a pattern with you Johnny...