Effi Briest: Rhizomes

It was late last year, when the leaves and the temperatures started to fall, that I first became interested in Effi Briest, the hypnotic and alluring all-female band performing out of Brooklyn, NY. Their video for “Mirror Eye” was a dizzying, hallucinogenic trip that matched their sound and their sense of style.

Back in October, May seemed so far away, but here we now are and Effi Briest’s debut full-length, Rhizomes, is available, as promised, from Sacred Bones. The deluxe, limited-edition version is hand-numbered and housed in a letter-pressed leather sleeve, with digital download card and insert. Yum. There is also a standard, plain-Jane version. There is also a compact disc. Yawn.

Sadly, I’ve run into a wee bit of trouble with Uncle Sam, so I won’t be buying any new records for awhile. All of my spare cash is going to the State of New York. In the meantime, however, I have this video for Effi Briest’s “Long Shadow,” the second track off of Rhizomes.

Which reminds me of the video for Mogwai’s “Batcat,” from their awesome 2008 album, The Hawk Is Howling, only Effi Briest is a little more sexy, a little less creepy.

I tried playing the two songs simultaneously, but it didn't quite work out as well as that Grizzly Bear/Brian Eno thing.

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Stephen,This is some great music. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully I will get around to picking up the special Lp soon. I wish there were more stores stocking vinyl in Philadelphia I'd run out and pick it up right now. I always look forward to your blogs (Even if it does have something to do with cassettes!)

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DLKG,For record stores in Philly, check out:Repo Records, 538 South Street Long In The Tooth, 2027 Sansom Street.Best,Elias

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The 'comment' software removed the paragraph seperation on my previous comment. Here it is with '...' for paragraph seperators:DLKG...For record stores in Philly, check out...Repo Records, 538 South Street... Long In The Tooth, 2027 Sansom Street....Best...Elias

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