Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird

Look at this sexy beast. (I’m talking about the turntable.) Dr. Feickert Analogue’s Blackbird (€5490) got my attention with its clean lines and beautiful wood trim. The Blackbird shares the simple design of Feickert’s smaller Woodpecker, but adds the option of a second tonearm, while its refined controller software drives both motors in a slave-master configuration.

"Take a picture of me stroking this gorgeous thing," I said to Rosemarie.

"Yes, boss," she sighed.

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There are 1000 jokes that can be had from the lines; "... design of Feickert's smaller Woodpecker ..." ; "... me stroking this gorgeous thing ..."

Sorry, a straight line gently lobbed right over homeplate ... I couldn't resist. 

Glad everyone's having a great time.



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Why do you think I write those lines?

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Stephen, because you're damn good.


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Ha! Thanks very much.

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I love these tables, they sound right, surface noise is nil.  Pity I love my VPI so much.