Do you often get up and move to the music when your audio system is playing?

Do you often get up and move to the music when your audio system is playing?
All the time
18% (20 votes)
41% (45 votes)
22% (24 votes)
16% (18 votes)
I'm an international air guitar champ!
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 110

The classic audiophile "pose" is sitting still in a chair, probably with eyes shut, and perhaps a toe tapping. But some music demands that you leave your seat and dance. Do you often get up and move when your audio system is playing?

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

When I listen to music, I do nothing else—it defeats the whole purpose. My family knows not to disturb me during my listening sessions unless there is a dire need. I'm really not a spoiled, snobby, anal-retentive audiophile bastard; I'm a music lover as well as a musician.

Dennis's picture

What? And move out of the sweet spot?

fred's picture

Dood question. Music usually puts me in a good mood, sometimes I feel like dancing.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

Depending on the type of music, I'm sitting still in a chair, probably with eyes shut, sometimes with a box of Kleenex nearby. Other music will find me up and about the room, shaking it, somtimes vogueing. Ha!

Perry Noblett's picture

I just listen, if possible.

Dan Coffee's picture

I throw on a CD while I put things back in place (books, mail, CDs, dusting, washing pots). I shovel snow while useing my Panasonic SL-SX450 portable no-skip CD player. It takes my mind away from the tasks that I want to be through with quickly. I use the same CD time and again for shovelling. Now for the listening postion: My system set up is kitty-corner. Anyone else use kitty-corner?

djl's picture

Sometimes I'll be up and playing air guitar! But only on a "good day!"

Nodaker's picture

Sometimes, usually when I'm getting up for something else...and then my dog thinks/knows I'm goofy too. Just can't keep any secrets.

Jim Dandy's picture

If I wanted to dance, all I'd need is a simple table radio... or perhaps, just a tune in my mind.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Vacuuming in a sort of dancing way. Does that count?

Mark L.'s picture

When the music hits home, I can't help but dance or be moved into motion. My ears hear and my soul gets involved.

Louis P.'s picture

Don't need to see my tonearm dancing along with me. So that leaves the minority of the time that I am listening to CDs, and then only with certain music. I guess I am a "classic audiophile."

Bob Loblaw@work's picture

I'm usually pretty active while sitting: feet going, air drums etc. But my favorite music, as stimulating as it is, isn't really very dance-able. Plus if my girlfriend opened the door I'd feel like a dork.

Wes's picture

If no one, and I mean no one, is around!

J.R.'s picture

They say dance is the celebration of youth. I got out of the habbit of moving to the music untill I had children. Now I can't play it without two or more kids (from ages three to thirteen) jumping in to the room between the speakers and start dancing. Most of the time I join in. Once, I had Elvis playing and grandma and grandpa and my wife joined me and the kids.

Fred's picture

The toes almost always tap, the head frequently bobs, and it's not unusual for the dancing to ensue. It is an unfortunate fact though that much of the sonic magic is minimized when your ears are moving. It must be a combination of the spatial apprehension of phase vs. timing and diverted attention. So I sober up every now, assume the posture you describe, and soak up the illusion in full; another illustration of the intellectual and the emotional that is audio.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

Do I move? I cook and clean to the sound of my system. I chat with friends and read books. It provides the sound for the movies I watch. Sometimes I fall asleep with my system on. Your music system is nothing more than a tool for enhancing your life. And life is a verb! Sometimes listening is a verb, too, but not always.

Edw.A.Roth's picture

Sometime ya jus gotta!

Dismord's picture

How do you get up and groove to a late Beethoven quartet?

Glenn Bennett's picture

I think I did get up once a long time ago but it was just a gas pain.

JimD's picture

I have my conductor's baton!

Dimitris Gogas's picture

I don't like dancing. But I don't mind watching beautiful bodies shaking in front of me.

JRG's picture

Only when I'm drunk.

Raymond (Ray) Legault's picture

Some music styles have a way of making me jump and play air guitar. I see this as an involvement in pleasure.

Rob's picture

Depends on the music.

Enzo.'s picture

Sometimes I dance, sometimes I tap, sometines I hum, sometimes I even fall asleep. But worst of all, sometimes I jump up and run as fast as I can to turn on someting else. Phillip Glass—what's that all about?

richard's picture

Vinyl makes you move.

arf's picture

Sometimes you need beer.

OvenMaster's picture

Sure, I'll admit to this. Why not? I'm not ashamed of it. Are you?

Bronson's picture

Feel the music!