Do you have separate two-channel and home-theater systems?

The times they are a changing, and many audiophiles have added video to their audio system. Others have kept their two-channel systems intact by creating separate home-theater systems. How about you?

Do you have separate two-channel and home-theater systems?
Yes, I have a two-channel and a home theater system
39% (185 votes)
Kind of: I have a system for two-channel and another for everything else
8% (36 votes)
My two-channel system is all I use for music and home theater
19% (92 votes)
I listen to everything on my multichannel system
12% (56 votes)
I don't have a home theater system
17% (82 votes)
I only have a multichannel audio system
2% (8 votes)
3% (15 votes)
Total votes: 474

MLM's picture

Who needs multi-channel? Not me. Translation: Who does not have the space for and cannot afford three more channels? Me.

lakefrontroad's picture

I've never heard a HT that was nearly as good as a great two channel system. I have both and listen mostly to two channel.

Vinson J's picture

I have a TV in the bedroom, but the living room is all about music. Two-channel only, no TV, no multi-channel, lots of vinyl, and a few CDs.

suits_me's picture

I don't require Mr. Whipple or rampaging dinosaurs in my living room, and if I want home theater I go to the movies

David Merrifield's picture

Annoying effects from rear channels is the last thing I need!!

tony esporma's picture

One HT 7.0 solid-state system, one LP/tube stereo system, two darn good PC-sourced stereo systems, and the kids have their own systems, too.

Andy's picture

My bryston sp1.7 preamp processor and bryston amp with martin logan suround sound rocks, but still doesn't come close to my two channel system in terms of enjoyment. Long live tubes and vynel !

Jay's picture

I'd like to make two very telling points: 1) I used to own a Theta Casablanca, I replaced it with a Hovland HP-100

douglas frost's picture

i have a krell kav300i/250cd system with jm lab electra 905's. beautiful for music and more than enough for watching movies (denon dvd-3000 and metz artos 82cm widescreen). to me, music is much more important.

JCS's picture

I will always have a separate two channel system for my main music listening pleasure!

John Faulkner's picture

I tried combining systems to allow a single system to use both formats. I was not satisfied, hence two systems.

Travis Klersy's picture

I can only afford to do one or the other, and music is more important to me than sound effects.

R Allen's picture

actually I have 2 two channel systems and 1 multi-2c is ablut realism and m c is all about exaggeration-long live 2c

Jim Tavegia's picture

Absolutely!!!!!Even though Diana Krall's "Live In Paris" is wonderful in DVD, sonically my 2-channel retrieves more detail, depth, and air of the music. Seeing her play with her band-mates on the DVD makes up for some of the sonic loss. It is just another great way to enjoy music on a nother plane. 2-channel rules for me.

Mike Parenteau's picture

High-End 2-channel upstairs and 5.1 downstairs. The thing that's been stopping me from putting the systems together is that a good pre-pro that will pass an analog signal as well as my Linn Kairn is very expensive. Upgrading two systems at once can tend to be a bit expensive

Bill Hojnowski's picture

I have my Denon 2801 bi-amping my speakers. Eventually, I will get the whole five-channel setup. The Denon sounds good enough that I can use it as an audio hub for my satellite dish, DVD, VCR, keyboards, guitar, and computers. I don't have the time or money to isolate myself in a pressure-controlled room with a megabuck high-strung two-channel setup and a sensory deprivation chair just to listen to music on CDs that are probably recorded poorly anyway.

Scott Miller's picture

I currently live in an apartment with limited space, so I feel a surround sound system is currently not appropriate. Add to that the fact that over 50% of my (200+)DVD movies were made prior to 1960, and you can see that I am not losing much by staying with a two-channel system.

Joe Hartmann's picture

With a sizeable investment in a two channel system; I have recently attempted to intergrate my audio into my TV VCR system. Very little sucess so far. I attended the Show you held in NYC. So far I have not heard a multichannel system that offered me anything in the way of improved sound. I must admit that multichannel movie theaters don't impress me either.

Kal Rubinson's picture

It's a question of SAF and rooms. The main room is just great for stereo but cannot accomodate multichannel.

CG's picture

No, but I'd love to have one. I hope to get a nice two channel tube setup when I have more space, and can have a separate room to enjoy my music.

Pedro Vidal's picture

I do not think you can listen to music and watch movies on the same system. The componets needed for home theater and two-channel stereo are not ment to blend.

John P.'s picture

Someday I probably will have mid-fi home theater sound (ie separate from the beloved two-channel music system). But first, the price of high resolution TV must come down quite a bit. I don't see the sense of buying either DVD-A or any surround sound gear without first having the hi-rez video screen. Sometimes I wonder if the most fun of hi-rez video would be to watch it with the sound just in stereo.

David's picture

I have a two channel just for music. I FEEL THE SOUND IS BETTER THEN MUTICHANNEL for music.

Dan Landen's picture

I do serious listening in two channel mode. Since I have an external surround processor it's easy.

Anonymous's picture

It is good enought.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

As far as I'm concerned, television is a brain-cell killer, and home-theater setups are aural insults. Can anybody put these two variables together and arrive at my answer?

Mike Healey's picture

My TV has one speaker, which is perfect for the old movies (1930s) I love to watch. If I want to hear a sound effect or watch a special effect or digital cartoon, I will go to a movie theater. Listening will always be a secondary part of the movie experience. When I want the thrill of hearing Alfred Cortot, Martha Argerich, Frank Sinatra, Rush, or Mouse On Mars, I close my eyes and listen to my two-channel stereo (which now has its own room). Listening is a primary part of the musical experience!

Ross's picture

Yes, I have two separate systems. HT in the den, very user friendly. Marantz AV 600 pre-processor/ NAD 916 amp/Marantz CC-48 CD changer / Marantz LDV630 laser disk machine and B&W DM-302 speakers. Good system with excellent reproduction of voice and music. Up in the study is my two-channel vinyl and tube system. Thorens TD318/Sumiko BPS, CJ PV-5 and a variety of vintage tube amps, connected to Celestion 100 monitors. I'm lucky in that I have the space for two systems.

Arif Chaudhri's picture

Home Theater equipment is still in it's birth throes(pun intended):i mean what a long and painful birth this is proving to be : everything is so damn complicated and changing by the hour !! 5.1;6.1;7.1 ??? : i mean hell,when/where will this neurotic nonsense end ?? Any pearls of wisdom as to enlighten us,poor souls ?

S.  Chapman's picture

My two-channel system gets all the money and all the attention. The "other system" gets a five-channel receiver and the hand-me-downs from the two-channel system (cables, old speakers, CD player, etc) I'm not sure I'd really call it "home theater" because the room is just too small. However, the sonic characteristics of the second system are completely different from those of my main system so it's sometimes nice to have them both.