DeVore Fidelity

In the room operated by Brooklyn's John DeVore, we time traveled to the 1940s and 50s as he spun pristine shellac 78s on an EMT turntable, playing through the world premieres of both his O/bronze Loudspeakers (30,000/pair) and the 7Wpc Komuro Amplifier Company K300S direct-coupled SET 300B stereo amplifier ($20,000).

The EMT 928 II Turntable with 909 Tonearm and Pure Black MC cartridge (for stereo) ($17,995), was joined by an EMT 912 Tonearm ($6995), EMT External Arm Pod ($2795), EMT Tondose TMD015 mono cart ($1995) and an EMT Tondose TND065 78 cart ($1995).

Auditorium 23 Homage 2 and Vintage SUTs and A23 and Shindo phono cables were inline.

Preamplification was handled by a Mola Mola Makua Preamplifier (with DAC and phono modules) ($23,700). The assembled system connected with AudioQuest ThunderBird XLR Interconnects ($3900/1m pair), ThunderBird Zero Speaker Cables ($5700/8' pair), Monsoon High-Performance Low-Z/Noise Dissipation 3-Pole AC Power Cable2M ($550), and a Vodka RJ/E Ethernet Cable ($499, 0.75m), all plugged into a Niagara 3000 Power Conditioner ($3900).

Anthony Abbate also made the journey from Brooklyn to supply his Box Furniture Co. HD3S Heritage Double Wide 3 Shelf in Sapele ($5000) and present the debut of his ISO.D.S Isolation Base Double Wide in Sapele ($5500).

The DeVore Fidelity O/bronze Loudspeakers, which spec out at 26Hz–23kHz, 96dB/W/m, completed the chain. Then DeVore wowed us with classic 78 tracks including Peggy Lee's "You Can Count on Me," Eartha Kitt’s subtle but stinging "C’est Si Bon," Ella Fitzgerald and the Inkspots' "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall," and the epically grooving Peppermint Harris performing "Let the Back Door Hit You."

This was far from the 78 sound most of us know. There was no recessed stage, scratchiness, or dismal tonality here. Music came out of this system energized, concise, and impactful, with the kind of presence and immediacy some modern analog systems fail to manifest. The packed room applauded every disc.

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"The packed room applauded, start to finish."

But [checks notes] that's impossible!

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"I said we were going to run the applause test and we are going to run the applause test, now applaud or I will get another attendee who will."

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I made an edit.

Seriously, thanks for pointing out the ... lack of precision.

Jim Austin, Editor

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I just thought it interesting that this gear playing this content had the place applauding. That's [checks notes again] impossible. Don't alert the deeply objective audio cancelists out there.

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HR's wonderful Salt Cellar article, from four years ago, documents another of those stellar playback experiences that according to those who haven't heard it is completely impossible. Go figure.

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They only clap from beginning to end forthe sing along part of the demo.

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Make me sad I didn’t go. Can we stop making fun of grammar on the internet.

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sounded as if we were IN the studio control room !

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John can do it all.

Good house style and sound.

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I JUST MISSED this demo. I was in the room right before. Even without 78s that room was one of my favorites. The room right next door with the Baby O's was also outstanding. I had never heard them before and couldn't believe how good they sounded playing KRAFTWERK from vinyl.

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Yes. Report to come.

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The big Devores sounded really good.

My favorite tube / high eff / vinyl rigs were by High Water Sound and Gestalt, in that order.

All terrific.

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I've never seen a 78 as pristine as the one in the picture on the EMT 928 TT. Just incredible looking.

Where on earth has John DeVore obtained such records? They must have been quite expensive. And they must be very valuable.

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I listened to a fair amount of music in that room. It all sounded great. The 78s sounded amazing! Great choice of music, which makes a big difference. My favorite room of the show!

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I wish I would have had time for a visit.

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I had a 78 from 1935 of Rachmaninov playing Rachmaninov!

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Yes, the Baby O coffee lounge room was outstanding (Saturday)! We got treated to multiple cuts from Yello & Kraftwerk besides getting served espresso! I was ready to tip.