DEQX/Aaudio Imports

The first Aaudio Imports room I visited featured the DEQX Room Correction Processor ($4500). I had been gob-smacked at the 2012 RMAF, when I heard how this processor turned a pair of RadioShack PA horns into acceptable hi-fi speakers. However, the correction being demmed at T.H.E. Show was more subtle, mainly involving a firming up of the stereo imaging, as the system was sounding good without correction. (Competing noise from the room across the corridor did make the improvement difficult to hear at first.)

I was unfamiliar with almost all the products featured: a pair of 91dB-sensitive, two-way Capriccio Continuo (ATD) Auralea 309 speakers from Italy ($7995/pair, featuring a third-generation development of the AMT tweeter) were driven by an Audion Super Sterling stereo amplifier ($4175) via Stage III Concepts cables. This amplifier is the first single-ended design to use the Tungsol KT120 output tube, and is specified as delivering 24Wpc in class-A into 8 ohms.

Source was a laptop feeding data to a Human Audio Table USB–S/PDIF converter ($995) and a Human Audio Muto DAC ($1199, right in photo), both devices operating from battery power. AC to the rest of the system was provided by an HB Cable Design PowerSlave Acrylic Power Distributor ($6995).