Denver Audio Designs defeats lame music

I walked into a highly compressed modern rock recording. Worse than that, the song itself was horrible, dreadful, unimaginative, bad. I mean, it really, really sucked.

I was tempted to blame it on the system: Monitor Audio GX200 Gold floorstanders ($4495/pair), Arcam A38 integrated amplifier ($2399), Arcam CD37 CD player, Arcam D33 Reference DAC, Tributaries powerline accessories and cables. But that would have been unfair. Here was a system, modest in appearance and relatively modest in price, that I would normally find very attractive. Yet it wasn’t doing the music (or me) any favors.

Finally, the song was over. Someone requested something else—I was too dizzy to take note—and then the familiar whistling intro gave it away: “Isn’t She Lovely.” Gah: From rock hell to pop hell.

But at least the recording was good. The whistling was surprisingly lifelike, creating a great sense of space, while the voice was set solidly in the center of the soundstage and reproduced with good texture and tone.

I look forward to listening to both Monitor Audio and Arcam gear in my own system, and with my own music.

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.....with first impressions JVS. How could a modern recording possibly be bad? Oh, you must have forgot about the horrible way a lot of producers compress the music and make it sound like crap? It's pretty common knowledge for the past few years.

Just whistle while you "work", write more about affordable systems you jerk.

Sorry my apologies to the original song.

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Johnny, while you've shown that you can add and complain, you haven't yet shown that you can read or think.  You're confusing me with Jason Victor Serinus.  Thanks for the compliment.

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Oh I can think plenty and going by what you have typed in these "reviews" I can honestly say that you barely think at all. Awwwww am I hitting a nerve?  Funny how you respond to goading but not to honest serious questions. On par for Stereophile.

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Hey Johnny on the swing! Were you born a douche, or did you have to work at it?

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Having a boring life and have nothing to add to an AUDIO discussion? From here on out say what you want but getting me to reply?  Good luck.

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Johnny, do you have small ***** syndrome?

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 Return to your cell. The inmates common room computer has logged you off for inappropriate usage. A guard will notify you of required additional counseling.