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I listened to music using my Rega P3-24 turntable, NAD C 515BEE CD player, Parasound Zphono•USB phono preamplifier, NAD C 316BEE integrated amplifier, and Kimber Kable 8VS speaker cables and PBJ interconnects—a pretty rad system, if I do say so myself. The DefTech StudioMonitor 45s were secured with small globs of Blu-Tack to 24"-tall Target stands, while the components rested on my Polycrystal equipment rack. Source components and amplifiers were plugged into a Furutech e-TP60 power conditioner, itself plugged into a Furutech GTX wall receptacle via an AudioQuest NRG-X3 power cord.—Stephen Mejias

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In a recent audio fest here in Athens, i had the chance to audition a pair of DefTech SM45 Speakers drove by an Advanced I65 integrate amplifier with excellent, for my taste, results.
Finaly I have ordered the speakers and looking for amplifier alternatives.
Although, i am very pleased with your cerain review regarding the above subject, i would be very gratefull if you can guide me to the following.

Is it worth it to use the next upgraded Nad model that is the C326BEE, shall i gain any benefits regarding audio results;
I am asking because, the above model other than the extra power handling i.e. 50WRMS/CH isteade of 40WRMS/CH has dual SUB outputs - useful for extra soundstage and lower octave - and separate pre/power in/out.

Your reply woulde be very much appreciated

Kind regards

Stelios Angelidis, MSEE, MBA