Dean Peer Rocks

T.H.E. Show featured a full program of live music all weekend. As they have done at many recent shows, Cardas Audio sponsored concerts by electric bassist Dean Peer, accompanied by percussionist Bret Mann, poolside at the Atrium Hotel. Dean fed his bass through a variety of effects pedals to produce a wide variety of sounds, but the music came from his hands. In vain did I peer (ha!) at those hands to see how he was producing those chords of harmonics and the underlying rhythmic pulse while floating melodies on top. The man is a monster!

Both Dean and Bret were wearing the new Cardas in-ear monitors and Dean was using a new Cardas guitar cable.

This is a brief video I shot with my Olympus still camera:

heavystarch's picture

The clip was too short!  He was just starting to get into it and bam!  FULL STOP. I will have to head over to his site and check it out.

Ariel Bitran's picture

the shirt blowing in the wind is quite steve vai-ish.