Dan D'Agostino MLife Integrated/Streamer

The first in two planned streaming products from D'Agostino is the MLife shown at CES this year. The MLife is based on the company's Momentum 200/wpc integrated amp, and adds built-in UPnP streaming, AirPlay, Bluetooth and the hot new streaming service at the show, Tidal. There is also a 5-inch LCD screen on the front panel for displaying streaming metadata (where the tone controls on the Momentum used to sit)

At $48k it's not cheap but does include some very nicely developed bespoke software to run the entire system from an iOS or Android tablet. At showtime, the demo had not fully integrated Tidal into the app, but it was able to control the MLife functions, as well as other streaming sources. Formats supported incude: DSD, WAV, FLAC, and PCM up to 24/192, as well as assorted lossy formats. Everything should be available in April this year, and more streaming services are planned such as Spotify, Deezer and Sirius XM.

The second product in the series will be a preamp/DAC/streamer version without the amplification, which the company's Francesco Rossi said should appear in 2016. Rossi added that the best way to use the new MLife is on a wired network if possible, with the wireless capabilities for less critical listening.

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It's got that look.

I think it was Hubble that predicted the acceleration of audio price expansion.

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That's just insane.....Company needs to adjust salaries or other overhead.

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A ridiculous combtination of Steam Punk and south korean design. You should be crazy to take this in your home

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I like the art deco look of Dan's latest offering post Krell. I've not heard his line yet but am looking forward to it.