Damien Jurado: Saint Bartlett

I’ve been infatuated with Damien Jurado’s new album, Saint Bartlett, due to be released on May 25th from Secretly Canadian. Its twelve songs take us on an emotionally powerful trip, from the drunken sway of “Arkansas” to the jaunty swagger of “Wallingford” to the heavyhearted confessions of “Kansas City.” Altogether, Saint Bartlett is deep and beautiful and addictive.

Saint Bartlett doesn’t sound anything at all like this:

Alright, maybe Saint Bartlett does, way down deep at its core, sound something like that. But, on the outside, on its face, it sounds much more like this:

(To get an idea of how the album really sounds, play the two videos at once!)

For more information, visit the Saint Bartlett website, where you’ll find images, links, and a fascinating description of the album written by Jurado’s wife, Sarah. Customers who pre-order the album from Insound will receive limited-edition, numbered drawings by Damien Jurado. (I want one!)

Gerard G.'s picture

I only know Damien's "Ghost of David" album, which I got after hearing the beautiful/haunting "Ghost in the Snow" in the movie "The Sensation of Sight". Looking forward to this one.