Creek Evolution EVO 100A Integrated

Those who’ve read my reviews will already know how much musical pleasure my vintage Creek 4330 integrated amp has given me. On the first day of CES I got to relax and listen to the legendary Mike Creek show and tell about the Evolution 50CD ($1695) which is really a high-end DAC with a built in transport. It can handle a total of six digital sources, including CD, and it has two digital outputs plus a Creek RC bus.

I stood fascinated while Mike showed me every tiny component in the new EVO 100A integrated amp ($2195) which uses a clever class-G output stage to increase power to 100Wpc into 8 ohms while still using the same case as the Evolution 50A ($1695). The 100A features an optional drop in Sequel Mk.2 phono stage, an Ambit FM/AM radio or a Ruby/DAC/Bluetooth/FM radio module.

The Evolution 100A would appear to be a fine partner the new Epos 3 floor-standing loudspeaker ($2395/pair).