Cocktail Audio Music Servers

Michael Lavorgna reviewed the X30 (above) earlier this year after spotting it at CES last year. ML details all the spex in his report, so I'll stick to the basics: the X30 retails for $1,695 which includes the remote you see to the right of the box, and also includes a 50 wpc amp and on-screen graphics when hooked up to a display.

The X12 CD Ripper/Server/Streamer (above) retails for $699 and also includes a built-in amp, this time 30 wpc. Clearly aimed at the all-in-one customer, the smaller X12 handles PCM files up 24/192 and can connect to your network to stream from NAS drives and other sources. There is also an optional wi-fi dongle for wireless streaming and the internal server capacity can be maxed out at 4TB.