Chrysta Bell: “Real Love”

This seems right for a Friday afternoon: The video for “Real Love” from Chrysta Bell’s This Train, the new album produced by David Lynch and available now from La Rose Noire.

(Before clicking below, please note that this video contains "sexual situations." It may not be appropriate for certain younger viewers, certain older viewers, those with heart conditions, or those who, I don't know, hate life and stuff. I, however, like it a lot and I hope you do, too.)

The deluxe 180gm, 45rpm double LP package is limited to just 500 copies and includes an old-fashioned Real Love Motel key fob designed by Lynch, which may be completely unnecessary, but is also totally cool and enhances the album’s overall sexy, clandestine, late-night motif.

I bet it sounds great on the hi-fi, too. The album, that is—not the key fob.

Listen to This Train below or at Chrysta Bell's Bandcamp page.

Metalhead's picture

Well, my idea of sultry is Julie London. Thanks for the update.

Not much to complain about. Super models in lingerie, it could be much worse. Actually it is not a bad song. Has that moody dark vibe and she does have quite a nice voice.

I guess this is why you have the tv in the music room although this might stand on its own.  Thanks for the post.

John Atkinson's picture

Forget the supermodel, Stephen, this is some of the best-recorded metal guitar I've heard!

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

Stephen Mejias's picture

Okay, JA: First of all, where are your priorities? Second, when we get back from CES, you and I are going to have a little talk about what is and what isn't "metal."

John Atkinson's picture

It's that open 5th fuzzed and sustained sound that I love, Ste phen. - JA

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Reminds me of Mazzy Star in a good way. Gotta get this one.



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The real love video is really good. Thanks for sharing this post.I have read her intervviews too she seems like really simple girl at heart. Sweet Dream is also good by her.